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Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF) is blessed to present the start of the serial of vishnu-dev's das-avataar (ten incarnations) two days ago. If the Part 1 of this serial ved taught us a tiny bit about dharma. The entire sets of universes operate on the universal operating system called dharma. Microsoft operating system has a long way to catch up to dharma operating system. dharma's founding systems are ritt (universal natural laws) and satya (Truth).....and vishnu-dev takes avataar to uphold and protect dharma....otherwise the entire sets of universes will be either full of chaos or will be ultimately prematurely destroyed.... 

Today ved teaches us about karma and karma-phal. karma is any action voluntary or involuntary performed by a creation from conception to birthing to breathing to letting an old lady sit on a bus to saving a life to praying to lying to killing to dying to doing nothing....... 

karma-phal is the reaction one has to recieve in future life times of a karma performed in previous a previous time....the reaction is of totally equal to what that karma did to any creation who was affected by that is all in Newton's 3rd Law: "Every action (karma) has equal and opposite reaction (karma-phal)"......

Let yourself be further blessed with the ved study by just a click on the next line......    

ved teaches us that anything that happens in this universe has a genesis. The genesis of a event tells us why the event happened as it did. The genesis of anything happening at a moment in time in a current existence is usually in the long past. The long past could stretch over many life times of  a creation who is experiencing an event in the current time. The event usually connects a whole bunch of creations as all creations co-exist at all times. The genesis of a current event is usually the karma-phal (fruits of karma) of the past karma performed by a creation. The genesis of a current event could also lie in some accidental or intentional curse on a creation by another creation. Thus, a current event is not because of the current karma. It is the karma-phal of one's past karma stretching over may life times. Many lives could be from a mortal life of up to around 100 years for a human in kali-yug to the shortest kali-yug of 432,000 years to a brahmaa-dev's day of 4.32 billion years or a brahmaa-dev's or a 311 trillion years of a brahmaa-dev's life duration. 

The event being currently experienced is also in the similar situation of its happening in the past. .This means the current event happens as in the past 
- in the similar environment and place,
- in similar mode with similar  methodology, 
-  for similar purpose and 
- with similar means 
- that the karma was performed by the creation in its past history. 

This means a current event is the karma-phal which is exactly as one had performed in the past and has the same effect that others had from the karma. The karma-phal will be enjoyable if the karma effect was enjoyable. The karma-phal would be painful if the karma effect was painful to others. Thus, karma-phal one experiences is just like the cliché or sayings all of us have heard: 
- "you get what you dish out"' or 
- "you pay for it now or later" or 
- "what goes around comes around" or 
- "do unto others what you wish other to do to you". 

karma-phal also follows Newton's 3rd Law: "Every action (karma) has equal and opposite reaction (karma-phal)". 

So karma-phal will be all one dished out and of equal value. Sometimes karma-phal may also include compounded interest charge if interest charge was included in the original karma.

The above karma-phal applies to all manifestations of brhmah from sagun-brhmah to all devo and devio to mankind to animals to plant life to the smallest organism imaginable and existing.

That means karma-phal has also to be partaken and experienced by vishnu-dev who is the first three manifestations of brhmah. The other two first manifestations of brhmah are brahmaa-dev and shiv-dev. The entire creation is created, sustained and cyclically and repeatedly dissolved back into brahmaa-dev or brhmah by this trii-murti (trinity) of brahmaa-vishnu-shiv. This trii-murti exists in unity only. None of the three of the  trii-murti can exist by himself. None of the three  trii-murti can operate without the other two.

So now we have learned that vishnu-dev's das-avataar (ten incarnations) must be the resulting karma-phal of vishnu-dev's karma in the prior times to each of the avataar occurring.

In the next part of this namah brhmah.... may we be blessed by bhagvaan.... to learn about what caused the one of  trii-murti creation..... as mighty and immortal being as vishnu-dev... to manifest himself as a ordinary mortal shanti shaanti tat sat...... 

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