VISHNU'S DAS-AVATAAR: KARMA-PHAL OF CAUSING PAIN TO OTHERS - One has to suffer the same pain down the line - even vishnu-dev....Serial Part 3 of 13
Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on May 19, 2002

 In the Part 2 of 13 of this das-avataar serial, we learned that vishnu-dev's das-avataar (ten incarnations) must be the resulting karma-phal of vishnu-dev's karma in the prior times to each of the avataar occurring.  Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF) is blessed to present the Part 3 of the serial. In the Part 2 of this serial, ved taught us a tiny bit about dharma. The entire sets of universes operate on the universal operating system called dharma. Microsoft operating system has a long way to catch up to dharma operating system. dharma dictates what the karma-phal of each of one's karma will be.

dharma explains that karma-phal is the reaction one has to recieve in future life times of a karma performed in previous a previous time....the reaction is of totally equal to what that karma did to any creation who was affected by that is all in Newton's 3rd Law: "Every action (karma) has equal and opposite reaction (karma-phal)"......

In this Part 3 we will learn that a curse of bhrgu-muni is the cause of visnu-dev taking so many avataar...but the curse came from what vishnu-dev did once upon a time in his life....please read on by clicking on the next line how this is so....... 

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........EACH  KARMA HAS A PHAL ......



om namah brhmah........

bhrgu-muni was a mind-born son of prajaapati brahmaa-dev - the creator of all creations in the tri-murti (trinity) of brahmaa-vishnu-shiv. bhrigu-muni was born from the skin of brahmaa-dev. From bhrgu-muni were born a whole lineage of rushio of great shaktio (powers) possessed of gnan (knowledge) attained through tapas of brhmah. The bhrgu lineage became famous by using this gnan in the sevaa of brhmah

The first created bhrgu-muni was killed by nandi-shvar during the yagna performed by dakshaa-prajaapati. sati-devi, who was the wife of shiv-dev and daughter of dakshaa-prajaapati, committed suicide by jumping into the yagna-hom because of her being distressed by the fact that shiv-dev was not invited to this yagna by her own father. bhrgu-muni was born again during a brhmah-yagna performed by varun-dev in the vaivasvat manvantra. bhrgu-muni was born of brahmaa-dev's semen which fell into the hom (fire in the kund (structure) at yagna ) of this yagna. bhrgu-muni was brought up by varun-dev and his wife charshanii.  The vaivasvat manvantra is the current and the 7th manvantra in this brahmaa's day of 4.32 years duration. There are 14 manvantra in one brahmaa's day which is a duration of vedik time and creation cycle.  

kasapya-muni was a mind-born son of brahmaa-dev and was ordained by brahmaa-dev to procreate all the living beings in the creation. This procreation was to be with the male-female sexual union and not from the mind-born birthing process of procreation of brahmaa-dev. kasapya-muni had 21 wives of which 13 were the daughters of dakshaa-prajaapati, who was another mind-born son of brahmaa-dev.  devo or sura are the sons of kasapya-muni born of his wife aditi. daitya or asuraao or daanavo are the sons of kasapya-muni who were born of his wife diti

devo live their lives by dharma. daitya or asuraao live their life by a-dharmadaitya have a continual fight with devo to be supreme rulers of the universe. But this is not possible as the universe is operated through dharma only. A lot of times, brahmaa, vishnu and shiv have to interfere in this dev-aditya wars to sustain the universe. But these three tri-murti (trinity) always interferes on the basis of upholding and protecting dharma and not for favouring dev or daanavo. And so this interference is always in the favour of devo who follow dharma and as a result asuraao are always defeated in the end....bhagvaan always favours those who live by dharma 

In one of these dev-asuraa wars, the asuraao were on the verge of defeat. So their mother diti was very distressed and complained to her husband kaspya-muni about her dukh. Another wife of kaspya-muni, pulomaa, volunteered as her dharma to protect asuraao through her tapas. devo became alarmed at this protection of asuraao by pulomaa and approached vishnu-dev for a solution to defeat the asuraao

vishnu-dev perceived this act of granting refuge to asuraao by pulomaa as a-dharmik and in anger killed her with his sudarshan-chakra. This made bhrgu-muni angry. So he explained to vishnu-dev that killing of pulomaa was not dharmik  as pulomaa was only carrying out her dharma to protect those who came to her for refuge to save their lives. It is an absolute stipulation of dharma to protect one who is asking for protection to save one's life. This protection has to be given regardless of the reason one is seeking the protection for one's life. 

vishnu-dev in his anger would not listen to bhrgu-muni. Thus, bhrgu-muni suffered the deep pain of separation from loosing his beloved wife for many years and kept on pleading to vishnu-dev to forgive and restore life to his wife. vishnu-dev refused. Thus the despondency of separation from his wife made bhrgu-muni very angry. This anger grew with the perception that vishnu-dev was also not upholding the dharma which visnu-dev himself is supposed to protect. In this anger, bhrgu-muni cursed vishnu-dev to suffer the same pain of the loss and separation of a wife and thus know what this suffering means. Furthermore,  bhrgu-muni cursed visnu-dev to  experience this suffering in the  mortal form of a human. This curse made vishnu-dev angry and he directed his sudarshan-chakra to kill bhrgu-muni.

bhrgu-muni ran with his power of tapas to avoid being killed by the sudarshan-chakra. But no matter how long he ran or where he ran to, he could not avoid sudarshan-chakra. But then it dawned on bhrgu-muni the stipulation of dharma - THAT IT IS REQUIRED BY DHARMA TO GIVE PROTECTION TO ONE WHO IS SEEKING PROTECTION FROM LOSS OF ONE'S LIFE REGARDLESS OF THE REASON WHY ONE IS LOOSING ONE'S LIFE. Remembering this basic operating rule of dharma, bhrgu-muni at asked visnu-dev for protection from sudarshan-chakra. vishnu-dev realized the dharma of this request and pardoned bhrgu-muni's death. And then realizing the same rule of dharma applied to the case of pulomaa in protecting the asuraao, vishnu-dev restored life to pulomaa too.  

But pardoning bhrgu-muni and pulomaa, did not exempt vishnu-dev from receiving the karma-phal of his karma of killing pulomaa and making bhrgu-muni suffer the pain of separation from his beloved wife....... One cannot escape the karma-phal by forgiving or saying sorry or restoring what has been lost or damaged.....

visnu-dev had to suffer the same pain of separation from a wife as bhrgu-muni did. And regardless of being one the powerful omni-potent, omni-present and omni-scient tri-murti, vishnu-dev had to receive the karma-phal. Also visnu-dev had to comply with another rule of dharma that any wish that is asked from brhmah with satya-kaamnaa is always granted by brhmah. satya-kaamnaa means any desire which is based on satya, that is Truth. 

Thus, vishnu-dev had to suffer the pain of separation from a wife in his 7th avataar of shree raam. shree raam's separation from his wife sitaa is a very dharmik  lesson-episode among vedik peoples. The episode guides and teaches humanity in performing karma and receiving karma-phal of every karma. shree raam chose to suffer karma-phal of the pain of separation from wife for 11,000 years. 

So the karma-phal has to be experienced by even the three first creations - brahmaa, vishnu and shiv respectively who creates, sustains and provides laya to each and every creations. Then what about us mortal of human will get what you dish the future...there is no way out of we will learn more in the 7th avataar of vishnu-dev....which is the life story of shree the following serial to come....

At PVAF, we pray to bhagvaan to bless us to keep learning ved in the days to come to namah shaanti shaanti tat sat........ 

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#1 Posted by CD LAD on 5/21/2002
Excellant article. I am glad to read and learn the VED knowledge.


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