VISHNU'S DAS-AVATAAR: 7th AVATAAR: SHREE RAAM ...was he human or dev asks paarvati-devi of shiv?......Serial Part 4-1 of 13
Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on May 24, 2002

In the Parts 1-2-3 of 13 of this das-avataar serial, we learned that vishnu-dev's das-avataar (ten incarnations) are† the result of bhrgu-muni's curse on vishnu-dev. The curse was also a result of anger in vishnu-dev. This anger made him forget the very basic directive of dharma:†


Also dharma stipulates that: One cannot escape the karma-phal by forgiving or saying sorry or restoring what has been lost or damaged.....vishnu-dev could not be forgiven for killing pulomaa and causing pain in her husband.....although vishnu-dev restored pulomaa to life after realizing his mistake in not following dharma.....

Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF) is blessed to present the Part 4 of 13 of this serial.† It is recommended that previous parts of the serial be revisited on a continual basis to make a sense of what did not make sense initially or was puzzling or was learned with doubts....†

vishnu-dev's avataar also teaches ved† to creations...learning about dharma is part of ved. The entire sets of universes operate on the universal operating system called dharma. Microsoft operating system with its XP version has a long way to catch up to dharma operating system. dharma dictates what the karma-phal of each of one's karma will be. dharma also dictates that each one has to receive the karma-phal of one's will get what you dish out........

dharma explains that karma-phal is the reaction one has to recieve in future life times of a karma performed in previous a previous time....the reaction is of totally equal to what that karma did to any creation who was affected by that is all in Newton's 3rd Law: "Every action (karma) has equal and opposite reaction (karma-phal)"......

In this Part 4 of 13 we will learn about the 7th avataar as shree raam......his wife sitaa-devi.....the famous raamaayan war with raavan...and a lot about the science of aatmaa called aadhyaatmaa...and how as aatmaa we all travel eternally in the universes of creation....that is a lot of knowledge....and hence Part 4 will be divided into numerous sub-parts.... please read Part 4-1 of 13 by clicking on the next line.......†

(All the sanskrit words in the write-ups on this web site are in italics. The meaning of these sanskrit words as transcribed in English language is being continually included in the Sanskrit Glossary on this web site. It is imperative to understand the full meanings of these sanskrit words in order to understand the teachings of ved. So please make an effort to visit the Sanskrit Glossary...the karma-phal will be eternal aanand (bliss) ).†

...........A OVERVIEW...............


The seventh avataar of vishnu-dev was in the beginning of the third dvapara-yug when dharma starts existing at 50 percent of its full strength in first satya-yug. dharma practiced with ritt and satya by each and every dev, human and asuraa was the key to a harmonious existence between them and among the entire creation of brahmaa-dev. dharma was also being destroyed by the supremacy of asuraao over devo.†

Thus, vishnu-dev, in response to the request from devo and other creations in† the three lok (worlds) took his seventh avataar as shree raam, son of the surya-vanshi dashrath-raajaa and his wife kaushalya-raani . The seventh manu satyavrata was the progenitor of the lineage of kings in which dashrath-raajaa was born . Thus, satyavrata was shree raamís oldest great grandfather.†

shree raam, during his life time, established a dhaarmik code of life conduct and life values to be lived with. But he taught these dhaarmik codes and values is to his subjects by first practicing them in his own life.††

As an avtaar, shree raam protected dharma in various instances...He destroyed all the raakshaso who were troubling his guru vashistha-muni and so many other munio and peoples. He accepted demand from his step-mother, kaikayi-raani who was the third wife of dashrath-raajaa, of renouncing his inherited kingship in favour of his younger step-brother bharat. In addition to renouncing the kingship, shree raam also accepted a 12 year exile into forest demanded by kaikayi-raani. It was his dharma not even to go against his step-mother. He destroyed asuraa king raavan of shree lankaa which is the island located at the southern tip of bhaarat (India) . raavan was a bhakta of shiv-dev. raavan, after a ten thousand year tapas, had obtained a boon from shiv-dev that no human could kill him. This boon went to raavanís head and he conquered the entire universe and started terrorizing every body with a reign based on a-dharma. As shree raam was an avataar, he was able to destroy raavan and his evil rule over the entire universe. But still to kill raavan shree raam had to have a dharmik reason. This was provided by raavan when without provocation raavan abducted shree raamís wife sitaa-devi during their 12 year exile in the forest. As, an abduction of a wife, was a profoundly adharmik act, shree raam had the right to kill Ravana when he refused to return sitaa-devi.†

shree raam also set a high standard of conduct of dharma in life. Prime example of living a dharmik life† was when shree raam did tyaag (renunciation) of his wife sitaa-devi. This tyaag of sitaa-devi resulted from only one person in shree raam's kingdom accusing him of taking back sitaa-devi after she had lived in raavanís palace for a year. The meaning here was sitaa-devi had committed adultery by living with another man who was not her husband. This was a false accusation on part of this citizen who was a fisherman of shree raamís kingdom. sitaa-devi had walked through a agni-parikshaa (walking through a fire) for testing her chastity after being rescued from raavan.† This agni-parikshaa would prove that sitaa-devi was always pure, chaste and dedicated to shree raam through her observing ek-pati-vrat dharma, which is the personal code of a woman to have only one husband through the entire life time. The fisherman would just not accept this proof. This meant for shree raam that he was guilty in the eye of a man regardless of all facts. And thus, shree raam preferred losing her wife for ever rather than even face a false accusation. The pain of separation from sitaa-devi was ultimate pain for shree raam.† shree raam had to even bear the additional pain of knowing that he was giving up sitaa-devi at the time she was pregnant for the first time their child.†

The above is a quick overview of the seventh avataar of vishnu-dev as shree raam......simply a story for most of us .......but the eagerness of learning the science of aatmaa which is called aadhyaatmaa made paarvati-devi ask her husband shiv-dev the following question:†

"It is a well known fact that bhakti of shree raam is a well-built ship for a human to cross the ocean of this is a well known teaching that bhakti of shree raam leads to moksh....yet† I have some doubts from my mind...raam is said to be brhmah himself who is not affected by three guno of maayaa of prakruti in which he was born....therefore all humans are devoted to shree raam...however, some people say that in spite of being brhmah, shree raam could not know himself as brhmah because of he was affected by avidyaa (shakti which produces non-knowledge) of his own power of maayaa....because of this avidyaa effect shree raam was stricken with the grief of separation from his wife sitaa-devi and was blaming his bhaagya (fate)....but then if shree raam who was brhmah was without the knowledge of his own aatmaa he was simply equal to a human being....then, how can he be fit for adoration as bhagvaan? ......please remove this doubt in my mind with an explanation...." (from aadhyaatma raamaayan, Chapter 1, slok 10 to 15)†

Thus, we start learning about our own aatmaa (soul) from shiv-dev in the following days to come..... .om namah shaanti shaanti tat sat........†

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