VISHNU'S DAS-AVATAAR: 7th AVATAAR: SHREE RAAM ...paarvati-devi is blessed to ask shiv of raam-tattva?......Serial Part 4-2 of 13
Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on May 27, 2002

shiv-dev answers his wife paarvati-devi: : "You as a bhakta, are indeed fortunate in having this desire to know the TRUTH about parmaatmaa.  I have never before this been asked by any one the TRUTH about raam's tattva (real essence of his being) which is a mystery and also unknowable.".....(from aadhyaatmaa raamaayan, Chapter 1, slok 16).

Even for paarvati-devi understanding of this universe sometimes stops at the physical level of seeing and most of us shree raam's life story is another great epic story, a myth, and of course, a  movie we enjoy with all the typical modern afternoon soap story of tears, joys, search of a perfect love life... or a war story similar to the Longest Day epic ....

But the tattva of shree raam is the aadhyaatmaa part of him.....the story of his aatmaa and its eternal journey through brahmaa's day of 4.32 billion years repeated cyclically over 311 trillion years of brahmaa's life span....please read Part 4-1 of 13 by clicking on the next line....... 

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...........FROM AADHYAATMAA RAAMAAYAN...............


shiv-dev told paarvati-devi what was explained by shree raam himself to hanumaan: (from aadhyaatmaa raamaayan, chapter 1, slok 44 to 50):

"I shall tell you the truth about aatmaa and anaatmaa (non-aatmaa) and parmaatmaa (brhmah). aakaash (space) is observed in three ways. The first one is mahaa-aakaash (the great space) which pervades everything. The second one is the aakaash containing all waters. This one is not different than the mahaa-aakaash in spite of its association with waters. The third one is the reflection of the mahaa-aakaash in waters.  

In the same way chaitanya (shakti or power of brhmah which activates everything to life in the created universe) has three modifications. The first one is the purnanm-thaa-param - the one which pervades everything and is of the highest rank. The second is the one which is what is experienced as buddhi (one of the four modification of anta-karan which makes us decide on issues of doubts with wisdom of past experiences). The third one is the reflection of chaitaniya in buddhi. People with distorted understanding mistakes the reflected chaitaniya in buddhi, which is the doer of karma, as one's aatmaa. One's aatmaa which is a witness only and thus a non-doer is  partless and unchanging. This mistaking turns an aatmaa into what is called a jiv. chaitanya reflection  in buddhi which is jiv and buddhi are products of avidyaa (non-knowledge) and hence both are a-satya (non-truth). brhmah on the other end is indivisible and therefore partless. brhmah appears divided into so many manifestations by maayaa. The mahaa-vaakya "tat tvam asi" (You are That (brhmah)) asserts the unity of brhmah and aatmaa. When one recognizes the unity of one's aatmaa with brhmah by hearing and meditating on the mahaa-vaakya " tat tvam asi" then perishes the avidyaa and its effect of ahankaar (due to which one thinks the body is himself rather than himself being the aatmaa)."  

Thus, we start learning about aakaash, the SPACE, the FINAL FRONTIER, the start of learning about our own aatmaa (soul) from shiv-dev in the following days to we learn ved you may also want to visit the NASA web site as per the News Item posted on AASHRAM NEWS page yesterday on this web site.......... .om namah shaanti shaanti tat sat........ 

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