VISHNU'S DAS-AVATAAR: 7th AVATAAR: SHREE RAAM ...paarvati-devi is anxious to hear from shiv who raam and sitaa are?......Serial Part 4-3 of 13
Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on June 9, 2002

shiv-dev adds to his answer to his wife paarvati-devi: : "I shall tell to you a kathaa (historical anecdote) full of mystery about a sanvaad (discussion) that took place between sitaa, raam and hanumaan. This knowledge in this kathaa provides a tool to attain moksa (liberation from sansaar of birth and death full of joys always followed by pain) " ...(from aadhyaatmaa raamaayan, Chapter 1, slok 25). most of us shree raam's life story is another great epic story, a myth, and of course, a movie we enjoy with all the typical modern afternoon soap story of tears, joys, search of a perfect love life... or a war story similar to the Longest Day epic ....but now sitaa-devi tells us who she herself and raam is ........This story is really to teach how this universe and creation is created....the current science knowledge was told in the form of "story" in ved...all the 33 karor (330 million) devo and devio are but the names of natural forces which cyclically creates, sustains and recreates this universe....about which we have started to learn in in the last 300 years known as current science at school and we learn the very basics of the current "big bang" theory of how the universe was created.......

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...........FROM AADHYAATMAA RAAMAAYAN...............

...........primary forces of creation.....

"In the former days when the events of raamaayan occurred, raam returned to ayodhyaa after killing raavan along with his sons and destroying his army who were the enemies of devo. On this return trip to ayodhyaa he was accompanied by his wife sitaa, his brother laxman and the king sugriv of monkeys along with his second in command hanumaan. and other leaders of sugriv's kingdom. After raam was installed as king, while he was sitting on his throne surrounded by great people like his guru vashistha-muni, he saw hanumaan standing before him as a bhakta longing for gnan (knowledge). Seeing hanuman thus, shree raam requested sitaa-devi:

"Impart to hanumaan brhmah-tattva (essence of brhmah) as he is now fit to recieve this knowledge because he is always devoted to us and is pure and desire less".

jaanaki (sitaa) agreed to do so. sitaa is the shakti (power) of brhmah known as maayaa who hides the true identity of brhmah from every creation which is known as prapanch. This shakti of maayaa is known as aavran. The other shakti of maayaa is vikshep by which maayaa produces many manifestations of brhmah with different naam (names) and ruup (forms).

sitaa-devi said to hanumaan: "

You should know raam as para-brhmah (higher than brhmah) who is sat-chit-aanand (existence-consciousness-bliss). He is the one without a second. He is not affected by any upaadhi (limitations) that limits each creation with shakti (powers) and gnan (knowledge). You should know raam as pure aanand (bliss), shaantam (peace), nirvikaarm (changeless), nir-agnanam (devoid of agnan or avidya or non-knowledge), sarva-vyaapim-aatmaanm (aatmaa which pervades everything), sva-prakaasham (one with his own light), akalmasham (sinless).

Know me (sitaa-devi) to be muul-prakruti (the basic power of creation) which is the cause of sarga (creation), sthiti (sustenance) and annt (end) of the created universe. In the presence of brhmah (that his with his chaitanya), I (prakruti) create the universe without any effort. The universe I create in brhmah presence is brhmah Himself but with my aavran shakti I do not let any body see the creation as brhmah himself. " (adapted from aadhyaatmaa raamaayan, Chapter 1, slok 25 to 35 and expanded for understanding).

Thus, we start learning about who starts the creation and with what basic the following days to come we will be taught by brhmah Himself and His shaktio in the form of shiv-bhagvaan, shree raam and sitaa-devi more about aadhyaatmaa, the science of which rests the science of all creations...... .om namah shaanti shaanti tat sat........

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