Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on July 21, 2002

With brhmah's krupaa (grace) Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundaton(PVAF) is continuing to provide a world forum to pray together through TODA'S PRAYER on the AASHRAM NEWS page of this web site. You too can pray together with all others just by clicking on TODAY'S PRAYER on the right side of your screen on this page. You will also learn ved through this praying. You can also re-visit or catch up on prayers for the entire previous year by going into the archive in TODAY'S PRAYER (the first line after clicking into TODAY'S PRAYER).

And as it says in prayer for June 24, 2002, a vidvaan, meaning a person with gnan (knowledge) can be wise and help himself/herself and help to main the ethical and virtuous social order for a prosperous evolution.

With the strength of many prayers from our forefathers, 4 years ago a few aatmaa were inspired to create Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF)....these aatmaao were inspired the sanskaar (latent tendencies) of their pervious karma in so many previous travels as life entities...and the inspiration was : SPREAD KNOWLEDGE THROUGH EDUCATION. Education has many naam (names) and rup (forms) as we understand in our present world. But aatmaa only knows education as the knowledge which will finally let the aatmaa know who the aatmaa really is.

At our present level, one of the naam and rup of education as we understand as aatmaa is PVAF's GUJARAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM. PVAF started in gujaraat with one university scholarship 2 years ago. Now PVAF has granted a total of 3 4-year university scholarships to needy students.

Since March 2002, PVAF is praying for bhagvaan's krupaa in setting up a 1 (ONE) KAROR RUPEES A YEAR GUJARAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM.

A karor rupees is 10 million rupees. This is equal to 333,000 CAN$ or 200,000 US$ or 145,000 British Pounds. A 4-year university scholarship awarded to a needy student in gujaraat costs about 20,000 rupees a year for a total of 80,000 rupees. This covers all costs of tuition, lodging and boarding.

This means 1 karor rupees will fund 125 students to have a degree. This also means that if YOU DONATE 1 KAROR RUPEES A YEAR , you will be able to send every year another 125 students to get their university education. Right now a guess estimate is that there are about 1000 prajaapati students in gujaraat who are in absolute need of financial assistance from kindergarten to university levels. On top of that there are more who needs partial assistance of some sort......AND THE KNOWLEDGE THROUGH EDUCATION WILL SET THE STUDENT AND THE FAMILY FREE FROM POVERTY for ever and ever......Alternatively plans are being developed to fund the most neediest from kindergarten to university so that education is not denied to anybody just for the lack of money.......

But why would you donate to the above program......if you wish to know the answer then you have to know WHO YOU ARE, WHY YOU ARE and WHAT PURPOSE YOU HAVE BEING WHAT YOU ARE....

....This is one of the reasons, at PVAF we have the other naam and rup of education: VED PROGRAM. ved is the comprehensive system of knowledge given to mankind by its Creator who has a name of BRHMAH. A lot has been presented on this web site in ved. We have sanskrit glossary, ved pages of different aspects of knowledge, message board where many topics of ved can be discussed and knowledge shared...... Recently PVAF started a serial to learn about aadhyaatmaa, the science of aatmaa, our individual soul....through the study of vishnu-dev's das (ten) avataar.....which are so popular as historical anecdotes among vedik peoples.....please look up the serial which is continuing to date with Part 5-3 of 13 ......

In devi bhaagvatam, bhuneshvari-maataa says that one receives the HIGHEST PUNYA (merit as a karma-phal) by providing education to those who need it. And gnan-daan (donating for education) is thus the most SUPREME DAAN (act of charity) next to anna-daan. But then education can easily take care of one's need for food.

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