Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on July 26, 2002

Today is the final day of the 5-day jayaa-paarvati vrat. During these five days, those performing the vrat will be offering intense bhakti to paarvati-maataa. Part of performing a bhakti is to remember the glories of the dev or devi or devataa to whom bhakti is offered. Let us know some of the vaibhav  (glories of shakti)  and krupaa of paarvati-maataa today........

parvati-devi's basic nimitt has been to protect its bhakto and the shrushti (creation) so they can serve brhmah. Here is some of her krupaa to her bhakto:

1. arjun of paandavo brothers in mahaa-bhaarat was constantly guarded by paarvati-devi during paandavo's 13 year van-vaas (exile in forest).

2. krishna-bhagvaan during his avataar once propitiated paarvatiji and obtained boons to have sixteen thousand wives; to have a handsome form; to get affection from his relatives; and have prosperity to offer food to seven thousand atithi (guests) daily. 

3. paarvati-devi expounded to gangaa-devi the sva-dharma of  a woman during her  various aashramo in life. This teaching of strii-sva-dharma  then became the standard for all women.

WARNING: It is adhaarmik and dangerous for one to offend any dev or devi or devataa and especially paarvati-devi. The devo can never bear sons by their own wives because of a curse of paarvati-devi on them. The curse resulted from anger aroused in paarvati-devi when devo asked her husband, shiv-bhagvan, to not bear a son of paarvati-devi because the whole world would not be able to support a son born of them because of the shakti that the son would get from shiv-bhagvaan. And shiv-dev agreed to do so which made paarvati-devi very angry.

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