Posted by Ashram News Reporter on August 2, 2002

Tomorrow, August 3, 2002 is another historic day for Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF) and shree chandrakantbhai dahyabhai lad of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

shree chandrakantbhai is PVAF's Ambassador for GUJARAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM. For the last 3 years, as PVAF's Ambassador, shree chandrakantbhai has been visiting, at his own expense, prajaapatio all over USA, Canada, UK to fundraise to provide education to needy prajaapati students in gujaraat, bhaarat (India).

shree chandrakantbhai is supported at PVAF by PVAF's Operations Board and volunteers program leaders, mentors, program development and program administration experts.

PVAF Operation Board is the first full board in prajaapati history made entirely of prajaapati youths of the current generation which means no body is over 30 years old. The board members are: kalpesh subhash lad of Calgary, Canada President; dipesh champaklal mistry, Treasurer and Fundraising Chair of Edmonton, Canada and nimisha nanubhai lad, Secretary of Calgary, Canada.

The Board is supported by youths: vinesh chandrakant lad, Director of PVAF Gujaraat Education Program, Calgary, Canada; bhavin champaklal mistry, PVAF Webmaster and hasmukh Mistry, PVAF IT Database Developer.

These young prajaapatio are mentored and guided to administer and develop PVAF by shree chandrakantbhai lad, shree champaklaal daajibhaai mistry and dineshbhai mistry.

In gujaraat, PVAF Gujaraat Education Program is run by Shree Prajapati Education Foundation (SPEF) with its President shree kamlesh prajapati and the IT manager shree narendra lad who are at bilimoraa, gujaraat.

Please look up the main story for this news item for the latest info on PVAF and SPEF.

shree chandrakantbhai will me meeting all the prajaapatio of Prajapati Association of Northern California, USA that serves the prajaapatio of San Francisco Bay Area. Mrs Illa Mistry is the current president of Prajapati Association of Northern California.

We all pray the prajaapatio in Northern California will support the 125 needy but very bright students who cannot go to university as we talk because of their unfortunate poverty......PVAF will post the news about this August 3 fundraiser.....

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#1 Posted by Dr. Kamlesh Prajapti on 8/6/2002
HAri Om,
Read the news and Chandrakantbhai gets more and more support from aboard samajo people and they shaw their samajo and wish to care samajo. Thanks ti all that are support them and lets comes togather and make our samajo healthy, Liretrate and beautiful.


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