Posted by Ashram News Reporter on August 16, 2002

The inspiration to have a world wide community of prajaapatio on a world wide platform was conceived as inspired by brhmah in December 1997 as a web site. And the inspirational conception took till December 2001 to be officially born with a birth certificate as an entity called Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF) registered in the province of Alberta, Canada.  

brhmah, the universal creator,  creates creations in this universe inspired by  only one purpose: to perform sevaa meaning service for the kalyaan meaning total welfare for well-being and prosperity of all creations. So there cannot be any other purpose for the creation of PVAF.

Thus, automatically the purpose of PVAF is to provide all the estimated 2.5 million prajaapatio around the world a borderless common platform to exist on this planet earth. This world wide platform is to enable all prajaapatio to co-exist harmoniously with each other and the rest of the humanity. By harmonious co-existence prajaapatio can empower themselves individually and collectively to help each other to evolve, progress and prosper in life no matter where one is on this planet earth.

Thus, a prajaapati should never ever feel lonely and helpless. And in the same spirit universally no human being should feel lonely and helpless.

Each prajaapati has his/her own sva-dharma to follow. And each one must live with all other fellow creations on universal dharma which is based on ritt (natural laws) and satya (Truth). The sva-dharma also dictates that every prajaapati must co-exist and concurrently help  fellow human beings to evolve, progress and prosper. With all of this basic purposes in mind, PVAF has been slowly growing its ruup (form). This ruup is being slowly but surely structured and shaped by so many prajaapatio and the rest of the humankind based on the above principles. 

The next few posting will tell the story of what this PVAF ruup is as of August 2002...

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