Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on October 1, 2002

om namo brhmahye namah......

sanak-muni, the mind born son of brahmaa-dev explains in naarad puraan slok 1.28.2 to 5 the procedure to prepare oneself to perform SshraaDdh offering:

"Listen to the excellent procedure in the performance of SshraaDdh on hearing which one is undoubtedly liberated from paap (sins)".........

This knowing protocol and procedures will continue tomorrow...... 

..Please click on the next line to learn more about the how to prepare for performing SshraaDdh.........


"On the day previous to kshayaah (day of death anniversary), the householder (who is to offer SshraaDdh) should:

  • take bath;
  • take only a single meal on that day;
  • duly invite braahmano (for the ceremony next day);
  • observe brhamachaarya (abstain from sex) during the night (on this pre-day)  ;
  • sleep on the ground.

The performer of   SshraaDdh should:

  • avoid cleaning of teeth; 
  • avoid chewing of paan (betel leaves); 
  • anointing the body with oil;
  • avoid eating food of an aphrodisiac nature.

The performer of  SshraaDdh and those who are invited to participate in the ceremony should:

  • avoid long journey;
  • avoid quarrels;
  • avoid becoming angry;
  • avoid sex otherwise incur paap (sin) equivalent to killing a braahman
  • avoid bearing of burdens;
  • avoid sleeping during the day.

We all at PVAF convey pranaam to our guru Dr. G. V. Tagore from whose English translation of the sanskrit naarad puraan we have been blessed with the above knowledge of how SshraaDdh offering to our pitruo is to be done ......the above slok is expanded with explanatory prose to make our learning and understanding easier...also explanatory prose in included in brackets to give backgrounder ved knowledge to provide supplementary explanation for increasing the depth of our knowledge of life sciences...... This knowing protocol and procedures will continue tomorrow......  brhmah namah....
....our guru brhmah.. tat shaanti shaanti....

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