PVAF FORMULAE FOR FUNDRAISING 1 KAROR RUPEES A YEAR: perform vidyaa-daan as prajaapati and mankind sva-dharma and as per one's capacity
Posted by Vishva News Reporter on October 2, 2002


dharma of a prajaapati and all mankind  is to be satya or truthful if the purpose is to live by dharma and uphold dharma in life.

 dharma also stipulates the following as revealed in the slok 1.34.72 in naarad puraan by sanak-muni to his brother naarad-muni. Both naarad-muni and sanak-muni are mind born sons of brahmaa-dev

"If anyone hoards and preserves
that has not been distributed among deserving persons,
 know that this
wealth is certainly like that 
 which is preserved by a thief in the world.

Those who are proud and arrogant due to
 do not propitiate the lord of universe (brhmah),
 the dev who separates
(embodied aatmaa)
 from its bonds in saNsaar
(worldly existence

is as unsteady as a lightening,
 as momentary as lightening


Please click on the next line to understand how one can comply with the above and avoid adharma and resulting paap in life.......


This is why the mandate of Prajapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF) which is being currently constitutionalized will be binding all managment, volunteers, donors and receipents of donations and all prajaapatio in the world to dharma based on satya and satya based on dharma.

Also PVAF follows yug-dharma.

The yug-dharma of kali-yug is giving daan. daan is one of the four parts of dharma by which one gives fellow creations charitable gifts out of dayaa (compassion) for the fellow humans and other creations.

yug-dharma is the dharma of each of the 4 yugo in a vedik time cylce of one mahaa-yug which is of 4.32 million years. kali-yug is the present vedik era of 432,000 years we live in. kali-yug only commenced 5103 years ago.

With the brhmah-ordained mandate to follow yug-dharma, PVAF is providing a world wide forum through its web existence to empower the entire humanity to perform yug-dharma by giving vidyaa-daan.

vidyaa-daan is also the highest type of daan resulting in most punya (merit) for the donors in the lives to be lived.

The vidyaa-daan is for the PVAF GUJARAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM to help more than 125 needy prajaapati students in gujaraat to get a 4-year degree for a CHANGE of their poverty to prosperity in their present and future generations to come.....please click on the next line to know more about PVAF GUJARAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM.....

Please read details of PVAF GUJARAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM in the following:

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