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Recently Prajapati Vishva Aashram (PVAF) sent questions directly to prajaapati students who are studying at university level to find out the status of education in various prajaapati community. The answers from the students tells the real but sad story which we should all listen to and reflect on and pray for. The real story is also heart wrenching as one can see from this question and answer:

Question: Do you know any student who have not gone to college or university because they do not have money?

Answer:  yes, sir i know the student who didn't get education because of the finance problem...... in standard 10 he gets good percentage... But his father is not able to give money for higher study ..... and therefore he had joined I.T.I. in Plastic subjects. He has completed in one year and now doing job with little salary 1500 or 2000 Rs. 

Currently it takes a minimum of Rs 5000 per month for a family of four in gujaraat to just live from hand to mouth with a house inherited from parents. So one can imagine what kind of future this young man of about 19 years is facing....This is where your donation to 1 KAROR RUPEES A YEAR PVAF Gujaraat Education Program can make a difference to give this young man a chance in life.....and right now we know off-hand about 125 needy students.....

PVAF is publishing answers to 7 questions send by PVAF to a prajaapati student who is a friend of the young man quoted above. The answers from this student are publishing without any editing except for spellings and some serious grammatical corrections... Please click on the next line to start this journey of knowing the satya about prajaapati community with a prayer that we will collectively work towards uplifting the entire community after knowing the satya....   



Question 1. Why there is such a low level of education in prajaapati families in Gujarat?

Answer 1. 

The reasons behind this are:

  1. Most of prajaapati families are stay in the villages, so there is not enough knowledge about the subject of studies to the parents.
  2. Most of the parents are illiterate and financially backwards. 
  3. In most of the families there is only few persons who earn while larger numbers of members are to be served by them. So one person in the family cannot afford to send all the children for studying the higher education. 

Question 2.     What is needed to motivate prajaapatio to study and reach at least a college level of skills where by they can get job in the knowledge based industries in gujaraat?

Answer 2. 

  1. According to me a common magazine of prajaapatio to be published by the seniors who are educated people to guide the juniors to for choosing the line of subjects according to their knowledge. And guide what they have to do for better education and get the better job. Seniors have to guide about where are the scopes for the job. In this magazine we can also publish some advise for the education and financial help for the students. 

  2. A summer camp have to be managed in the vacation so the students can be get the knowledge about the importance about the studies and their family responsibility.

  3. In each taalukaa a common meeting of the prajaapatio should be held to inspire the parent for the studying of their children.

Question 3. Why your local samaj is not promoting education in your village or town or city?

Answer 3.                   In Gujarat there are numbers of samaaj like kanbipatel, patidar, desai, vaniya, etc which raise funds and use the funds to inspire the students for higher education. While our fund raised are mostly used in infrastructure and only few percent of the funds raised are used for studies.

Question 4. Why not many students are applying for PVAF scholarship to study college or university?

Answer 4.

  1. Mostly students don't know about this scholarship and haven't the knowledge about the computer (to access Internet for news about PVAF) . So can you image how they would know about the internet and this scholarship.

  2.  Also PVAF has lengthy procedure which needs more time to approve this scholarship while we need the scholarship in emergency. If we wait then we have to drop a year ELSE apply for it before a year we need the scholarship. Also there are so many inquiries in processing before giving scholarship. 

Question 5. Why so many prajapati students are dropping out of school by grade 9 or 12?.

Answer 5.     

  1.  Because you give the scholarship after 12 standard only. So the students who require the scholarship after the 10th doesn't get this and they have to join I.T.I. or drop the study.

  2. There is no provision for the student who fails due to some reason like they didn't join tuition classes and extra classes and doing part time job for his family. So it is not good that we give the scholarship only based on the merit but we have to see the position of the students in life. 

  3.  Some students drop out after the 12 because they didn't get the admission due the low merit and join I.T.I or drop the study. 

Question 6. Why girls drop out of school more than boys?

Answer 6.  

  1. Because our parent still believe in oldest method. 

  2. Some parent are not able to make  their girls study because they do not have  sufficient money to make  their boys study, so how can he make  his girl study.

  3. Another reason is that parent thinks that girls mostly would be house wives so no further study will be needed for them.

  4. A big reason is that parents think that girls are not safe out side of their house because there is only boys are admitted to Prajapati Vidyarthi Ashram while girls are not admissible to Prajapati Vidhyarthi Ashram . 

Question 7. Do you know any student who have not gone to college or university because they do not have money?

Answer 7.    

  1.  yes, sir i know the student who didn't get education because of the finance problem. There is one is my class-mate. His name is My First Prajapati Friend (name withheld). When we were in standard 10 he get good percentage, that is about 70. But his father is not able to give money for higher study and therefore he had joined I.T.I. in Plastic subjects. He has completed in one year and now doing job with little salary 1500 or 2000 Rs. 

  2. And other man who is study in B.E. production engineering in Vallabh Vidya Nagar and also he live with me . His name is My Second Prajapati Friend (name withheld)  He is from gaam (name withheld). He will tell you but he knows that last year we did not get money . I  will introduce you to him later.

The above set of questions were sent by PVAF to a number of students. PVAF will be publishing the answers from them as they come in. PVAF is also sending more questions to have details of some of the answers. These will be posted as the answers are received. Your comments to this positing will be greatly appreciated. JUST CLICK ON THE COMMENT IN THE POSTING AND WRITE AWAY.

What will be more appreciated by the prajaapatio in gujaraat  and our creator brhmah is you sharing your blessing of wealth to make a new future for them similar to yours.

Below is the information on PVAF Gujaraat Education Program:

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