Posted by Ashram News Reporter on October 4, 2002

Namaste Champakbhai:,
Hari om , Hari Om,

I am very happy to write to you this day. I read the offers that is given by PVAF to Bilimora Vidyarthi Ashram and we all are happy that we will like to join a hand with a PVAF. 

Also , hearty congratulation on completing naam karan and registration procedure of PVAF. 

Divyesh Lad, Vipul Lad and Bhavesh Lad came to meet today and they are very happy to receive PVAF 4-year scholarships

I am in touch with shree chandrakantbhai lad  of Calgary, Alberta, Canada on regular basis. 

I am really surprised that Bhavin Mistry, PVAF webmaster, is the hero (diamond) of the PVAF who always is developing and orienting the WEB PAGE regularly. 

It is also very nice about shree chandrakantbhai that he keep his mind very cool and working for samaajo . I am glad to recieve and meet both of your families very soon in India if it is possible. I am ready to give full facilities during your visit. 



Dr. Kamlesh Prajapati,
Secretary, Prajapati Vidyarthi Ashram, Bilimora, Gujarat, India

(This message was received a while back from shree kamleshbhai and PVAF apologizes for not posting promptly. Because of the late posting PVAF has edited the message to delete message which is old news presently).

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