1 KAROR RUPEES A YEAR .....FOR NEEDY STUDENTS IN GUJARAAT WILL COME....but students and parents must learn how to learn
Posted by Prajapati News Reporter on October 12, 2002


A while back PVAF survey indicated that prajaapati students are defaulting at learning....one of the cause of this student default at learning is they have not been taught by their parents how to learn...now sanandan-muni teaches us how to learn in the slok 2.50.228 of naarad puraan:

"If a vidyaa (physical sciences)
 is studied for thousands of times
 taught to students
 for hundreds of times,
it comes to the tip of the tongue
 like water flowing from a higher level to a lower level."

The above tells us the need for parents to repeatedly reinforce in their children the value of studying for skills and education to get good employment to change poverty into prosperity.....we pray the parents will keep saying the above to their children thousand and thousands of time in a creative way to inspire them to study, study and study.....125 needy students and their families already know this.....and YOU CAN HELP THEM TO BENEFIT FROM THIS ENLIGHTENMENT......by donating to  PVAF GUJARAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM......

and how to participate in the program to make a difference in life of needy prajaapati parents and their children....please click on the next line.....

We prajaapatio and all bhaaratiya-jano (peoples of bhaarat (India) have a very rich heritage of vedik lifestyles which is re-cycling in every yug (era). The present remanant of vedik civilization of prajaapatio in gujaraat is the haraapan civilization located in the area of Indus River. From this knowledge prajaapatio know that their roots, traditions, customs and dharma date back to anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000 years into the present day history.

One of the very basic tradition of vedik prajaapatio is to live a life based on dharma. The four parts of dharma which one has to live by and live with are:

  1. Give daan (charitable gifts) of any type of worldly needs as per rules of ved and according to one's capacity and to those who deserve receipt of daan because of unavoidable poverty, calamity, or being a braahman or for upholding dharma.

  2. Show dayaa (compassion) to all fellow creations to sustain their life.

  3. Live our life by satya, meaning by TRUTH. satya is defined as that which is proved correct by verifiable facts existing in ved of which current infant science is only a fractional part we know.

  4. Perform tapasya (penance) to propitiate, our creator and sustainer, brhmah on the remembering of the realization that brhmah is dharma; that brhmah is ved; that brhmah is enjoyer of all daan, dayaa, yagna, vrat, vidhi and all karma that one performs; that brhmah is the kshetra (field) in which we perform all karma; that brhmah is kshetragna of the kshetra, meaning the empowering entity of the field in which all karma happens; that none of us humans are separate from brhmah; that each of us including vishnu-dev, shiv-dev and brahmaa-dev are some of the manifestation as functionaries with naam (name) and ruup (form) of mahaa-maayaa which is the fundamental shakti (power) of brhmah.

According to slok 1.13.100-101 of naarad puraan which is a message from yam-dev (God of Death) to bhagirath who was the 15th great-grandfather of shree raam of ramaayan : "Among all daan, vidyaa-daan is called ati-daan meaning daan which gets the donor the punya (merit) of the highest kind. With this punya one can become one with vishnu-dev who is brhmah. A person giving this daan is lifted from narak (hell) "

As every one of knows, one goes to hell from numerous paap (sins) one commits daily by not living according to dharma and satya.... A puraan is the documentation of practice of ved in the history of creations by which the future generations can live by dharma and satya of ved.....

Well, with the above message from dharma-raaj who is also yam-dev to whom each one of us has to report to recieve the fruits of our punya and paapi karma at the end of each cylce of birth and date, please read more as to how you can get some mercy from yam-dev when this life journey comes to an end in the PVAF GUJARAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM information page outlining services rendered to date and how you can participate in getting your puNya.....

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