vishnu's das-avataar: 7th avataar: shree raam ...THE TRAVEL OF SHREE RAAM AS AN AATMAA....will be Serial Part 10-3 of 13
Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on October 16, 2002


PVAF has been blessed by bhagvaan to present a serial on learning the true essence and purpose of the 7th avtaar of vishnu-dev as shree raam during June and July 2002....the serial will continue from where it left this week......

 In the previous serials sitaa-devi told us who she and raam is.....prakruti and brhmah respectively......and sitaa-devi said that everything in this creation is brhmah.....we had an overview of brhmah .....and learned about the relation how brhmah creates aatmaa and prakruti....... we learned about how aatmaa travels in this prakruti's universe in different naam and ruup and what our own aatmaa is in relation to our own body...then we came to know the reason for raam's avataar....and what aatmaa and parmaatma is.....  

...please look for the Part 10-3 of 13 this week to continue listening to shiv-dev giving us the knowledge of aatmaa which is called the science of aadhyaatma in the form of aadhyaatma ramaayan..........

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