Posted by Vishva News Reporter on January 29, 2001

The 2.8 million Prajapatio in Gujarat and around the world are praying for their fellow beings who are suffering from the traumas of the earthquake. Through the grace of Bhagvan lots of help is on the way to you all from Bharat and all over the world. OM SHANTI SHANTI.............. Our special prayers for those who have lost their loved ones - may Bhagvan give you strength and means in this difficult times for you to persevere with faith in the days to come to build your lives again to normalcy. May the souls of your departed ones rest in peace. OM SHANTI SHANTI...................

Our prayers are also for those who are trapped and waiting to be rescued. May Bhagvan take care of them till they are rescued. OM TAT SAT.................

PRAJAPATI VISHVA ASHRAM requests and prays that all the Prajapatio do their level best to contribute all they can towards helping all the endeavours in alleviating the suffering continually unfolding of the Gujarat Earthquake.

If any organization or individual wishes to start a GUJARAT EARTHQUAKE HELP PROJECT under the auspices of Prajapati Vishva Ashram using this web site and its volunteers, please write to or call Canada: 780-462-8794 or leave your message on the web site message board.

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