A NEW GUJARAATI WEB SITE....ASMITA....offering a whole lot from gujaraat......
Posted by Ashram News Reporter on October 17, 2002


Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF) is a non-profit charitable borderless web based organization which has the following purpose for its existence:

"Humanity is the child of prajaapati = creator = brhmah...
ved is the supporting substratum of
 this humanity and entire creation...
ved is knowledge of all life sciences.....
PVAF's mandate is
 to spread this knowledge of life sciences
 through education programs...
on web site
 in any community that takes shelter
 in this borderless, universal aashram called PVAF."

For realizing this mandate PVAF also trying to link with peoples, communities and organizations who have similar interests. Here is a gujaraati web site you will find useful and interesting to expand your gujaraati interests and lifestyle...just click on this ASMITA, A GUJARAATI WEB SITE....

The web site is also included in the LINK page on this web site.

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