vishnu's das-avataar: 7th avataar: shree raam ...TELLS WHY THIS AVTAAR ... Serial Part 10-3 of 13
Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on October 20, 2002


In the previous serials sitaa-devi told us who she and raam is.....prakruti and brhmah respectively......and sitaa-devi said that everything in this creation is brhmah.....we had an overview of brhmah .....and learned about the relation how brhmah creates aatmaa and prakruti....... we learned about what is aatmaa and how aatmaa travels in this prakruti's universe in different naam (name) and ruup (form) and what our own aatmaa is in relation to our own body...then when shree raam was born, his mother kaushalya-raani, who herself is the ansh-avataar of aditi-devi, wife of kaspya-muni, the creator of all living beings in the universe...offered the stuti (prayer of praise) to the newly born child who is really brhmah-self........ 

 shiv-dev continues his kathaa to satisfy the thirst for knowledge of his wife paarvati-devi:  

"paarvati-devi asks: My manas (mind) is yet to be fully satisfied with your brief kathaa of raam-tattva (essence of raam). This raam-tattva is like amrut which makes us immortals. How heard this little I have now an intense desire to hear in detail this raam-tattva. But make it easy enough for me to understand" ...(from aadhyaatmaa raamaayan, Chapter 2, slok 2/3)...

shiv-dev continues relaying to  paarvati-devi the what the newly born shree raam tells his mother kaushlya raani why of his birth after kaushlya raani  had offered a prayer to her new born child who showed her the real form of maha-vishnu or brhmah upon being born......

...please read that in Part 10-3 of 13 by clicking on the next line.......



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  3. This serial is being compiled by shree champaklaal daajibhaai mistry based upon the sanskrit to English translation of ADHYAATMA RAAMAAYAN by SWAMI whom all of us who study this are eternally grateful. This compilation is done with knowledge from other ved sources to create a deeper understanding of the science of life and in particular the science of aatmaa (soul) which is called aadhyaatma.....with a prayer for all of us that by knowing our self, that is our aatmaa, we will be able to perform sevaa to brhmah unconditionally.... 


...........FROM AADHYAATMAA RAAMAAYAN...............

...........kaushlya raani is revealed the mystery of the avataar by
 raam, her newly born child in the form of mahaa-vishnu or brhmah.....

In the last serial from kaushlya raani we learned about the characteristic of shree raam  who in reality is our creator brhmah-self....sagun brhmah's attributes are described in the form of stuti (prayer of praise).. which we can all use to pray to brhmah everyday.... 

 We should learn how this aatmaa travels through time and space as we understand in the human sense......but before we learn that let us first learn about how the need for any travel by aatmaa comes learning about why vishnu's aatmaa made this travel as 7th avataar......and how vishnu's birth was made possible in the mortal world......and now how vishnu-dev shows his real divine form at birth to her mortal mother, kaushlya raani and seeing this kaushlya raani offers stuti to the child to describe the real essence of child's aatmaa....a stuti is a praise offered to a dev or devi describing the real essence and the powers of the dev or devi.....and in reciprocation of a prayer, brhmah in the naam (name) and ruup (form) of shree raam tells her earthly mother the genesis of his birth....  

....this is done by shiv-dev continued telling the kathaa of aadhyaatma ramaayan to paarvati-devi: "I will tell you the kathaa of raam's travel as I had heard it from raam himself long time ago. Listening to this kathaa removes 3-fold suffering of mankind by eliminating the  fear of death and obtaining the boon of prosperity, long life and male progeny." (from aadhyaatmaa raamaayan, Chapter 2, slok 5)...How does the hearing of this kathaa remove suffering:

 By replacing
 agnaan (ignorance)
  gnaan (knowledge)

With knowledge through education and experience one can achieve anything as per the present day cliché "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER".

Recap from Chapter 3 slok 1 to 25: 

The child born to kaushlya raani and dashrath raajaa was extraordinary as the child was an incarnation of the parmaatmaa sanaatan, meaning supreme aatmaa who is eternal and who is the jaagnaath (lord of the worlds).  The child at birth showed his true form of vishnu to her mother: a body luminous like hundred suns, blue in complexion, the eyes tingled louts red at the corners and had four hands and wore the following: a yellow cloth; shining pair of ear pendants; shankh (conch), chakra (discus), gadaa (mace) and kamal (lotus flower) in four hands; a garland of wild flowers; sirvatsa on his chest, neckalce, armlets, anklets and other ornaments. His smile was like lunar light and his lotus-like eyes were overflowing with karunaa (compassion). Beholding such a magnificent form of the new born child, kaushalya-raani, who herself is the ansh-avataar of aditi-devi, wife of kaspya-muni, the creator of all living beings in the universe...offered the following stuti (prayer of praise) to the newly born child.......

"You are parmaatmaa, purushottam, sattaam, gnaan and by your maayaa of sattva-gun, rajas-gun and tamas-gun you create, sustain and destroy the vishva (universe) but you remain ever unstained;  brhmaando (all the universes) are an atom in your abdomen. agnaani do not understand, perceive, know, comprehend you or become conscious of you...but to people who are sumedh you become vyakta.

shiv-dev continues: (extracts from aadhyaatmaa raamaayan, Chapter 3, slok 26 to 35 with explanatory information from other ved sources)...

The new born child shree raam in the form of vishnu-dev representing brhmah-self says to his mother kaushlya raani: 

"Some time ago, I was prayed by brahmaa-dev to relieve the burden on bhumi-devi* by killing raavan.  For this purpose  I have now taken this manushya (human) ruup (form). 

Also you and dashrath raajaa** had long time ago performed tapasya (penance) with a desire for ME to be born as your son. 

The vision of Me (=brhmah) as vishnu-dev that you have seen is a phal (fruit or reward) from ME (=brhmah) because of your tapasya to propitiate me. This vision you have seen grants moksh to the seer. This vision seen by you is not feasible to be seen by anybody unless I (=brhmah) grant the shakti  to see it as tapasya-phal (fruits or reward of tapasya).

Those who study or hear this sanvaad (conversation and information thereof) will have remembrance of ME (=brhmah) at the time of death and thus will attain MY (=brhmah's) svaaruupym (my own form as brhmah)."

shree raam adopted the form of an infant after saying the above to the mother.    

(*  bhumi-devi is the shakti which empowers pruthvi, which is the domain which supports all living and non-living creations.) 

** dashrath raajaa was the human incarnation of kaspya-muni and kaushlya raani is the human incarnation of kaspya-muni's wife aditi-devi.  kasapya-muni is a grand-son of  brahmaa-dev who is the creator of everything in each  creation cycle, kaspya-muni is a prajaapati who is a sub-creator who creates all living beings in each creation cycle.  Both kaspya-muni and aditi-devi  took incarnations as humans so that their boon of having brhmah in the form of visnu-dev is realized.)

In the next serial we will learn the brief essence about other human births of other devo as supportive devo of shree raam  in his objective to uphold the dharma which was being threatened by raavan and his asuraa reign over the entire universe......        

At PVAF, we pray to bhagvaan to bless us to keep learning ved in the serial to appear in the days to come to eternity..........
om namah brhmah
om namah guru brhmah
om shaanti shanti  shaanti
om tat sat. 


 Serial Part 10-3 of 13:  vishnu's das-avataar:  7th avataar: shree raam:

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