VAACH (SPEECH) IS THE CREATOR OF EVERYTHING IN THIS UNIVERSE....use COMMENT feature on PVAF web site for your VAACH to create what you wish.....
Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on October 22, 2002


ved says that "vaach (speech) is the creator of everything in this universe". The creation cycle of all living and non-living beings in this universe starts with the sound of the first shabda (word) OM......

On this user friendly web site designed by PVAF webmaster, shree bhavin champaklal mistry, for most of the postings on this web site there is feature which appears in the title of the posting as COMMENTS in red just have to click on it to start writing out your vaach (speech) which is your thought form about any knowledge you wish to share with the rest of the humanity... never know your vaach could create a profound change in your life or in the lives of others....after all YOU are an aatmaa and not your body....and as ved says "an aatmaa is creator in the form of a prajaapati....and the resulting creation is always for the kalyaan (welfare and well-being) of all creations...."

Please perform this karma of writing COMMENTS....otherwise as ved says "without karma this universe will not exist"....your prakruti part of whole being of purush (aatmaa) + prakruti is after all is made of all karma performed by all since the creation took place for the first time....karor and karor (1 karor = 10 million) kalpa ago...and a kalpa is a creation cycle of brahmaa's day = night = 4.32 billion years each = total 8.64 billion years..:...

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