KNOW YOUR PVAF GUJARAAT SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT: Bhavesh Chimanlal Lad....tells about his gaam maliyaadhar
Posted by Prajapati News Reporter on October 25, 2002


bhavesh is son of shrii chimanlal lallubhai lad and shriimati kailashben resides in kumbhaarvaad of maliyaadhar gaam in chikhli talukaa of navasaari district in gujaraat, bhaarat (India) with his three younger sisters..... 

bhavesh was one of first three needy students who was awarded a scholarship from the PVAF GUJARAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM. This scholarship is worth Rs 15,000 a year for a 4-year electronics degree study at BVM College in Vallabh Vidya Nagar in gujaraat. 

bhavesh communicates weekly through email with his PVAF mentor and guide.

STUDENT MENTORING AND LIFE COACHING is mandatory for the receipents of PVAF GUJARAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM scholarships. Part of this communication will now be regularly presented on the AASHRAM NEWS page on this web that the donors to this PVAF program can understand the needs and lifestyle of those who are trapped in intra-generational family poverty mainly due to intra-generational family illiteracy..

....please click on the next line to read about the gaam (village) bhavesh grew up in.....   


bhavesh has three sisters - yogita in standard 12th doing science, priaynka in standard 10th and kajal in standard 9th. bhavesh's father works as a diamond cutter. The industrial diamond cutting and polishing industry located in southern gujaraat is the largest in the world. But this industry has ups and down and does not pay that well for workers at the lower end of the talent. This is because not much education or training is required to work in cutting and polishing industrial type  diamonds. The average income of a diamond cutter in the industry is about Rs 25,000 a year. At present in gujaraat it costs about Rs 48,000 a year for a family of 4 to live from hand to mouth and staying in an inherited house. 

Here is a communication from bhavesh....for YOU to know his roots and his difficult life....with a prayer that YOU will donate with kindness of YOUR heart to change the future of needy students like bhavesh....please see at the end of this write-up for details about PVAF GUJARAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM and how you can donate.....     


-----Original Message-----
From: PVAF:Scholar: Bhavesh C. Lad 
Sent: Friday, October 25, 2002 2:53 AM
To: Champak D. Mistry
Subject: about village

Mr. Champakbhai & Mr. Chandrakantbhai & your kids: 

First of all I would like to wish all of you a very happy new year & a very happy diwali.  Hope this new year will brings lots of joy and happiness. 

I am fine and I enjoy my diwali vacation at my home in maliyaadhar with my parents and sisters.. 

Sir, we received you mail regarding you wanting to know about my village. So I am explaining you about my village.

My village mane is maliyadhara.  It is in chikhli talukaa of district navsari in gujaraat state. It is 15 km away from bilimora. 

About 5000 people live in maliyadhar. Majority of the maliyadhar people are koli patel. There are about 200 prajapati family and we are called as lad. 

There are no muslim family in our village. All families are hindu. We love each other. 

In lad families most of the family members are educated and well set. Many of are settled abroad in places like USA, Canada.

There are many degree and diploma holders in engineering and other commercial fields. Some of the educated families are rich but some of are very poor.

20 % parents of the students are diamond cutters. Nowadays this occupation is in crisis. Its very difficult to survive. So this type of family needs a real help for education. 

Our wish is to make our village comparable to a city. We wish all children will get good education so they will survive in future. 

In our village there is a gujaraati praathmik saalaa (elementary school) from 1 standard  to 7th standard. For higher education we have to go to I. C. Desai High School which is in talavchoura. The education system is governed and admixture by Gujarat Education Board in Ghandhinagar. The high school has science stream so we don't have to go long distance for our secondary school education. The school provides good education. 

Our village has good traveling facility and also a communication facility. Email facility will be available soon. There is one post office. There is one milk dairy. There are two temples called as ambaaji & malayeshwar temples. There is also a big canal  which supplies water to help farmers. Our sarpanch (village administration) is very progressive and hard working. We are also helped. In fact my village is so very progressive that it is also called as gokul gaam.

There is so many things in our village. I can take pride in my village. I love my village.

Again Sir, I wish you a very very happy new year.

Yours faithfully 

Bhavesh lad.


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