Posted by Prajapati News Reporter on October 29, 2002

Yesterday, a young prajaapati from bilimoraa, gujaraat made a prayful appeal to all prajaapatio to start participating actively in Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation's (PVAF) borderless and limitless field of divine samaaj sevaa...

Today, another well known prajaapati, having a vast treasure of wisdom of life and who is renowned for his self-less dedication to PVAF since the birth of PVAF is praying for all YOUNG PRAJAAPATIO to awaken for a sammelan (festival type get together) in each prajaapati community from Calgary where he lives to all over the world....

Listen to the prayers from shree chandrakant dahyabhai lad of Calgary, Alberta, Canada by clicking on the next awaken your aatmaa who has unlimited powers to perform samaaj sevaa...

-----Original Message-----
From: PVAF-B-Calgary:Chandrakant Lad
Sent: Sunday, October 27, 2002 6:13 PM

Subject: The Drive continues...........
Importance: High

Namaste all:

First of all I would like to apologize for my absent from all communication for months. So many things were happening that I cannot say in simple words. Anyway I am back.

First I would like to say few words about Shree Champakbhai Mistry. Thanks Champakbhai for keeping the devo (gods) alive. Our devo seemed to be getting jhaakho (fading), but you kept pouring in the ghee (clarified butter) to keep it alive.

Any way my exam will be done in December 2002. By that time I will make plans to travel to USA to continue with the drive to fund-raise for 1 KAROR RUPEES A YEAR GUJARAAT EDUCATION FUNDS to send immediately some 125 financially strapped prajaapati students in gujaraat to university studies....and change their lives forever for the better....

I can see that our baalako (youths) of the PVAF seems to be having low moral. What is needed to boost up the moral???

Let us hear from young prajaapatio why they are not pitching in samaaj sevaa...... I know it is not easy but it can be made easier if each one of us can only spend one hour per week to devote the time to samaaj sevaa no matter what else comes in between.....We can approach samaaj sevaa and your participation from different perspectives or different angles. Let us keep our samaaj sevaa simple and interesting...

.....Diwali is approaching very near, so every one need to take resolution. Right??

I am willing to help our young prajaapatio from Calgary to USA to UK to gujaraat and will ensure that we have a non-political samaaj sevaa environment which is a type of sammelan so as NOT TO MAKE THE YOUNG PEOPLE FRIGHTENED....This sammelan needs to be entertainment with some kind of energy to remove the present inertia.... .

One suggestion is that we all need to meet at one place in every community and come up with HOW TO MAKE THE SAMAAJ SEVAA INITIATIVE VERY APPROACHABLE AND LIVELY. Let us hear the names and the places of the sammelan.


CD Lad
Chandrakant Dahyabhai Lad)
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
PVAF Ambassador for PVAF Gujaraat Education Program
& Volunteer Leader For Gujaraat Internet Connection Program

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