Posted by Vishva News Reporter on January 29, 2001

Gujarat could never the same again after this devastating earthquake but a better place. Fear, death and destruction is a constant in the lives of Gujaratio since the 8.42 am on January 26, 2001. This constant reality leads to loss of self-confidence and hope. This in turn leads to a conflict in the anta-karan of a Vedic peoples. The heart and the mind starts pulling in different directions. In this turmoil it is the prayers of Prajapati Vishva Ashram that may Bhagvan mitigate the effects of these turmoil on these mere mortals. May Bhagvan also bestow His grace on these people to be once again a better, wiser, compassionate human beings ever trusting in Bhagvan despite the devastating facts listed below:

‒ RAJKOT: Just when the earth shook violently at 8.46 am on January 26, 2001 bringing death and destruction everywhere, Sonaben Ondhiya gave birth to twins in Rajkot in a shaking building. The twins have been appropriately named as Dharti meaning earth for the boy and Kampan meaning shiver for the girl.

‒ Tremors lasting up to 30 seconds continued to shake India on January 29, 2001. A 4.3 quake at 8.08 am was centred 21 miles from Bangalore on the eastern coast, some 850 miles southeast of the epicentre at Bhuj which is near the western coast........

. ‒ Bhuj quake was equivalent to a five mega tonne hydrogen bomb minus the heat and radiation effect.

‒ Death toll expected to be over 50,000 or even higher as the magnitude of the devastation is assessed.

‒ Over 50,000 people have been injured of which 20,000 have been shifted to outside the area for treatment. 20,000 surgeries have already been performed.

‒ 2 Indian Navy hospital ships are treating injured off the coast of Shaurashtra.

‒ A 113 years old museum housing Harrappan age artifacts has been destroyed.

‒ 11 crore rupees is lying buried in a collapsed State Bank of Shaurashtra bank building in Bachau near Bhuj. Millions of rupees may also be lying buried in other banks in the area.

‒ Six Norwegians, including four of Indian origin visiting Gujarat are reported missing since earthquake struck.

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