VED LIFE SCIENCES LEARNING: SPOOKY AURORAS....brhmah's light show to celebrate transcending the human fireworks.....
Posted by Vishva News Reporter on November 3, 2002


Earth is now exiting a solar wind stream that has triggered auroras off and on since Oct 23rd. Trick-or-treaters in the northern United States and Canada might see some spooky auroras on Halloween like the ghostly image captured by Juha Kinnunen over the Finnish Lapland on Oct. 4th. View his other ghoulish images.

Please visit this web site AURORA GALLERY to see this celestial light show by brhmah, our creator and to learn the phenomenon in aakaash (space), which is the first bhut (primary element) created in the understanding of vedik science of creation of universe...after aaskaash, the other four primary elements are created and are: vaayu (air), tejas (energy), ap (water and liquids) and pruthvi (domains which support and sustains mortal living beings)......    

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