TODAY IS NUTAN VARSH DIIN = NEW YEAR DAY OF VIKRAM CALENDAR OF THE YEAR you know the dharma backgrounder of divaali?.....
Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on November 5, 2002

vikram savant (savant = year) is the calendar system started by vikramaa-ditya raajaa (king) 2059 years ago....and the first day of each year is celebrated by vedik peoples very dipaavali or divaali festival of about 5 days of fireworks, divaali foods and lots of prayers to one's devo and devio for prosperous and peaceful life with fulfillment of all worldly desires in this sansaar.....

Prajapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF), in its primary mandate to make humankind aware of the life sciences behind their existence in this universe is blessed today on the new year's day of vikram savant 2059 a backgrounder from ved library about the significance of today.....a significance of dharma and upholding dharma and living by dharma..... which seems to be increasingly forgotten by the current focus on having a good time during divaali with all the current kali-yug's commercialism that is creeping in the celebration....

Please click on the next line to get the focus back on the dharma of divaali to sustain creation.....

dharma of divaali

New year's day in the vikram calendar created by vikramaa-ditya raajaa is also a day in history of creation on which shree raam, the seventh avataar of vishnu-dev, was coroneted as the king of ayodhyaa after shree raam returned to ayodhyaa after completing his 14 year exiled imposed by his co-mother kaikayi-raani, the third wife of his father dashrath-raajaa. The supreme karma of shree raam's 14-year exile in forest was his prayers to durgaa-maataa for nine days of war with king raavan of lankaa to get back his wife sitaa-devi whom raavan had abducted while shree raam was spending his last year of the 14 years of exile. The primary purpose of the seventh avataar of vishnu-dev as shree raam was to relive the entire universe from the terror reign of king raavan. raavan managed to conquer and rule over the entire universe because of the boons of powers he had from his tapasya (bhakti (devotion) and penance) to brahmaa-dev and shiv-dev. These powers were used for adharmik karma of injuring all creations and hence brahmaa-dev requested vishnu-dev to eliminate raavan which was done as vishnu-dev's 7th avataar.

durgaa-maataa is a functional svaruup of mahaa-maayaa or bhuneshvari-maataa, the first manifestation of our creator bhrmah's vibhuti (powers).Information about durgaa-maataa has been in various prayers and is in the write-up about navaraatri posted on this web site. durgaa-maataa provides eternal and continual su-rakshaa (protection against adharma) to all creations. su-rakshaa is the protection by a dev or devi provided as sevaa to a creation for the creation to be protected and thus empowered to do its dedicated function as nimitt of brhmah, our creator.

This day is the first day of the calendar started by vikramaa-ditya raajaa (king) 2059 years ago. vikram raajaa was a emperor of Ujjayanii in bhaarat (India). He was the son of mahendra-ditya raajaa and his wife saumya-darshanaa raani (queen). vikram raajaa was an upholder of dharma and there are many well known life anecdotes about his dharmik acts among all vedik peoples. The 25 stories of vikram and vetaal (ghost) are very famous and popular among vedik peoples. The compilation of these 25 stories is known as vetaal- panch-vimashti and are part of the compilation called som-dev's kathaa-shrit-saagar. Each of these stories ends with a question which confounds the most learned including vikramaa-ditya. But the answer to the question is hidden in the story itself. These stories blend magic, fantasy and imagination with realism. These stories were originally written in sanskrit and have been translated in every language of bhaarat (India) and English.

vikramaa-ditya was an avtaar (incarnation) of a dev (god) called maalyavaan who was a paarshad (an attendant and companion) of shiv-dev. shiv-dev had asked maalyavaan to take birth as the son of mahendra-ditya raajaa to carry out this mission on earth: "You should exterminate all adharmik peoples and reinstate vedik vidhio (rituals and ceremonies). These adharmik peoples who are yaKSsha (devo (gods) with adharmik tendencies), raaKSHas (devo with adharmik tendencies), pichaas (ghosts) will be under your control. You will be an emperor there with divine powers." This mission was required at the request of all devo (gods) to shiv-dev as at that time dharma was being destroyed by asuraa (gods with adharmik tendencies who normally reside in paatal) who had taken birth on earth which is beyond the limits of paataal, the domain reserved for asuraao. devo's request to shiv-dev was thus: "bhagvaan, all the asuraao exterminated by yourself and mahaa-vishnu are born on the earth as adharmik peoples. They commit great paap (sins) such as killing the braahmano (vedik peoples learned in ved), obstructing yagna (vedik ceremonies with offerings to devo) and carry away women from aashram (hermitages) of rushio and munio (sages). The performance of yagna with mantra (aphorisms which empowers divine powers) and the offerings in the yagna is the "food" which sustains devo. As these asuraao are obstructing the performance of yagna, devo are not getting their "food" and are thus becoming weak and unable to perfrom their functions in this universe of creation, sustenance and cyclic dissolution of all creations for rebirth. Therefore a being mighty and powerful to destroy all these asuraao should incarnate on earth."

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