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Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF) was blessed to start in 1999 a program to REMOVE ILLITERACY among humankind....and to REPLACE ILLITERACY with KNOWLEDGE....given by our creator brhmah to each of us about:

  • knowledge of life - its creation, sustenance and re-absorption back into the creator, 
  • knowledge of how to create and evolve life,
  • knowledge of how to prosper in life,
  • knowledge of how to co-exist with rest of our fellow creations,
  • knowledge about who each of us is.
  • knowledge about the purpose of existence of each of us,
  • knowledge about what the entire creation is and its purpose...
  • ....and knowledge about so many other infinite number of  questions that pop up in our minds in living our daily lives......

The above is a long list and the extent of humanity is very large...latest count of over 5 billion humans on this planet earth.....that is a lot of humans who need knowledge....so PVAF has to start somewhere...and the start point was picked as prajaapatio in gujaraat....why this pick?.....simply because the majority of PVAF volunteers presently are prajaapatio living in western countries and they would firs serve their roots.... as a sign and token of human gratitude to their forefathers' lands and communities.....THE STATE OF GUJARAAT IN BHAARAT (INDIA)....and thus was born PVAF GUJARAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM....

In the next few days PVAF will run a daily feature about the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS from donors about PVAF GUJARAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM (PVAF GEP).....Here is a starting sample.....


PVAF ANSWER:    Presently all the donations received for PVAF GEP are used to award full 4-year university scholarships to prajaapati students. The donated funds are not held over for investment or any other purposes at PVAF. The total of all donated funds are given out as scholarships as the scholarships application are received and processed.  

These students are from very poor families who can barely have enough earnings to feed and cloth the family. These students are given scholarship funds to cover the cost of housing, food, tuition fees, books, transportation and extra-curricular activities for the full 4 year degree courses at a recognized university. The degree a student studies for has to be such that upon graduation the student can obtain a good employment to change poverty at his/her home. 

There is no administration cost  at PVAF presently. All administration at PVAF is done by PVAF volunteers by their own volunteered labour. Any cost in running PVAF is also donated presently by PVAF volunteers. Examples of the cost borne by PVAF volunteers presently are:

  •  The cost of hosting PVAF web site on internet is borne by a PVAF volunteer by hosting on volunteer's internet server;
  • The cost of continual development of PVAF web site and maintenance of the web site is born by webmaster and his helpers;
  • The costs of trips by PVAF volunteers to gujaraat for setting up PVAF GEP or representing PVAF at functions in gujaraat was borne by the volunteers themselves;
  • The costs of fundraising at various locations around the world is borne by the fund-raisers themselves;
  • The costs of long distance telephone and other charges for communicating and conferencing with the PVAF volunteers and scholarship students in gujaraat is borne by PVAF volunteers who are managing the PVAF in Alberta, Canada.   

Please click on the next line to know more about the PVAF GUJARAAT EDUCATION PROGRAM.     

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#1 Posted by Hey on 11/11/2002
This is a excellent site...keep up the good work!!!


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