Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on November 10, 2002


As per naarad puraan kaartak (or kaarttik) maas is a month of great mahatva (glory) because of the following features:

  • On sud ekaadasi, that is the 11th day of the first half of the month, vishnu-dev awakens from his sleep which was commenced in last year's aaso maas.
  • Because this ekaadasi day is so pavitra (sacred), this ekaadasi is called prabodhinii ekaadasi.  Those who observes fast on this ekaadasi does attain moksh and is never born in any of the 84,000 wombs again.
  • A person who performs krrcchra tapasya or praajaapatya vrat in the kaartak maas or observes fast on alternate days or for the whole of the month attains vaikunth which is the domain of vishnu-dev.
  • sud navem, that is the 9th day of the first half the month, is an aKSHay navem. Benefits or karma-phal of whatever vrat or punya (meritorious)  karma  performed on an aKSHay tithi (day) stays eternal with the performer of the on coming Wednesday, November 13th do not forget to do something dharmik and of showing your bhakti to and faith in our creator brhmah to perfrom sevaa to brhmah's creations..... 
  • kaartak month is the end of the chaaturmaas meaning 4 months of rainy season.....

Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation, with our creator brhmah's blessing, will present a detailed account of the mahatva (glory) of kaartak maas in the following days.....but keep on doing a lot of punya karma this month..... tat sat.. shaanti shaanti shaanti.... 

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