Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on November 24, 2002


As per ved....humankind owes its existence to pursue 4 PURUSHAARTH, meaning objectives in one's duration between birth and death....the four purushaarth are:

  1. AARTH meaning to create one's wealth as in money, house, cars, gold, business and then create a governance system in life for co-existing with rest of fellow creations to use the wealth created;
  2. KAAM meaning to have pleasure and recreation in life with the use of wealth created;
  3. DHARMA meaning to attain aarth and kaam following one's's dharma is basically to live truthfully by all the laws of nature and also man-made laws and regulations which will give peaceful life of co-existence with all creations without causing any pain and suffering to fellow creations.... 
  4. MOKSH meaning attainment of release from the pain and suffering of the cycles of birth and death as a humankind or a living being...knowing that a living being is an aatmaa (soul) traveling in cycles of birth and death in an embodied body which takes the form necessary to receive one's karma-phal (fruits of one's karma in preceding life cycles).

At Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF), the knowledge of the above is being daily compiled and delivered for YOUR study in TODAY'S PRAYER, TODAY'S CALENDAR, VED page and AASHRAM NEWS BOARD.....

One of the basic item in AARTH purushaarth is MONEY.....In present world money seems to be every thing for all humankind....without money life seems to come to a stop with a lot of even seems to be granter of all happiness....and even a means to attain MOKSH as that is the reason we do charity work and donate to charity.....

BUT DO WE REALLY KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MONEY.....PVAF will run information packages on this web site which will enlighten you on the current understanding of MONEY and on the vedik understanding of MONEY as part of the 4 PURUSHAARTH of life....

As a starter, please click on the next words in red highlite HISTORY OF MONEY to know about The use of money evolved out of deeply rooted customs as is shown by the study of primitive forms of money, e.g. cattle, cowrie shells, whales teeth and manillas (ornamental jewellery). The clumsiness of barter was merely one factor in the development of money, and not the most important one. Banking was invented before coins and reached a high level of sophistication in the Egypt of the Ptolomies. Military conquests, such as those of Alexander the Great, spread the use of coins which became the most convenient means of payment.  

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