Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on December 5, 2002

vedik people are still remembering the divaali days and a lot of celebrations in kaartak maas which naarad puraan says is the holiest month of the vedik calendar year...

..Today, maagshar maas, the second lunar month of this year 2059 vikram savant dawns on vedik peoples.....There are lots of celebrations this month including:

  • various yaatraa,
  • melo,
  • one can start 4-year maagshar chaturthi vrat to attain blessing from ganesh-daadaa for moksh from this sansaar..
  • one can perform 2 ekaadashi vrat and fast bearing great punya for oneself and one's generations to come.....

Find out details of the above through the ved study by clicking on
TODAY'S CALENDAR on this page....

In days to come with the krupaa of our creator brhmah, Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF) will be posting more details on the daily bhakti one can perform as part of ved study...each day of the month is devoted to some dev... all of whom are the ones who provides us with our life sustenance, progress and prosperity....these devo are the manifested naam (name) and ruup (form) of our creator brhmah....these devo makes everything in the universe from our body to an atom function as per its design...ved study enlightens you about these shaktio (powers) of our creator brhmah whom we call devo and devio....

... om shaanti shaanti.. tat sat....

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