Posted by Vishva News Reporter on December 7, 2002

LONDON, ENGLAND, December 2, 2002: With the lecture room packed to capacity a recent talk at King's College focused on relationship of Hinduism with findings of modern sciences, reports Jay Lakhani of the Vivekananda Center here.

"One student asked about the importance of Hanuman and this topic brought into focus a serious flaw seen in the way Hinduism is portrayed to the Hindu youth in the West...

I asked what is the main difference between say Superman and Hanuman?

Both fly doing good to mankind, still there is a major difference. Hanuman should be the role model of every Hindu youth, because he stands for these three attributes: strength, intelligence and celibacy.

One could see that this aspect of Hanuman has not been emphasized to the Hindu youth when someone remarked, "Then the Hindu youth will go away from religion! So be it, religion is not a fashion accessory!

Without invoking this vital aspect the youth have missed out on the key feature of Hanuman. The reason Hanuman is greater than Superman is because:

If Louise Lane flutters her eyelashes at Superman he turns to jelly.
If a beautiful lady flutters her eyelashes at
Hanuman he would say, 'Mother, you have something in your eye ...let me clear it!'

Now you see, why Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF) is promoting study of ved.......

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