Posted by Vishva News Reporter on January 30, 2001

Indian Prime Minister Atal Vajpayee said:

“There are two types of disaster, one is natural and the other man-made. We are equipped to face man-made disasters but sometimes it becomes difficult to deal with natural disasters. I sometimes feel that nature is throwing challenges on us to check our strength and dedication, but we will never lose heart. The problem is of an entire nation.”


INDIAN ASTROLOGERS: including a large community of astrologers, soothsayers and clairvoyants in Ahmedabad, are often quick to claim advance knowledge of major events. But had even no inkling of the Gujarat quake. But earlier this year, one Bangalore astrologer, Dr. S. K. Jain had predicted an earthquake in India. According to Dr. Jain this quake happened exactly a day after 10,000,000 people took a dip at Kumbh-mela on amavaysa (last day of the lunar month). Other notable happenings on amavaysa as per Dr. Jain: Former Indian Prime Minister Dev. Gowda lost his government; famous Indian film actor Rajkumar kidnapped; Princess Diana died;. George Bush Sr. attached Iraq on the night of lunar eclipse. Usually there is no danger five days after amavaysa, that is on panchami.

CONTINUING AFTERSHOCKS: Nearly 100 aftershocks measuring between 3.3 and 4.5 in Bhuj area from Monday night to Tuesday afternoon. over 300 micro-tremors measuring less than 3.

DEATH TOLL: Indian Defence Minister predicts to exceed 100,000. Official at 20,000.

MASSIVE WIPEOUT: 630 villages in Kutch affected by quake. 1000 villages affected elsewhere in Gujarat. 40 out of 80 villages in Morbi Taluka wiped out.

AHMEDABAD: Of the 171 damaged buildings, 68 high rise building to be demolished by explosives.

GANDHIJI’S SABARMATI ASHRAM: Near Ahmedabad: Developed deep cracks. But Gandhiji’s personal belongings including his wooden sandals and ceramic bowls not damaged. This Ashram was set up on the banks of Sabarmati River by Gandhiji in 1915 after returning from fight against apartheid in South Africa. He lived at the Ashram during his non-violent campaign for freedom from British Raj till 1930. After that it was turned into a museum and an education centre for Harijan girls.

ADHARMA IN KALI YUGA PREDOMINATES: Looting reported by gangs moving around in Jeeps in villages of Rapar, Anjar, Mundra and Mandvi for suitcases, TV, fridges, and air-conditioners. A jeweller robbed of 700,000 rupees worth of jewellery from his quake shattered shop.

A HOPE TO BRIGHTER FUTURE: The Indian government to enforce more stringently the “earth-quake building codes” and to finance research for construction of earthquake resistant structures in view of India’s increasing potential to future earthquakes.

NUKES SAFE: Nuclear power stations at Kakrapur (closet to quake), Rawatbhata, Tarapur, Narora, Kalpakkam and Kaiga have no damage due to their earthquake proof design.

SERVICES RESTORATION: Power and water supply expected to be restored in majority of Kutch district in the next 3-4 days.

EPIDEMIC POTENTIAL: None expected with close monitoring by public health officials.

QUAKE AID: Massive Indian and foreign aid pouring in to Gujarat of water, food, medicines, tents and man-power to support massive local efforts.

RESTORATION PLAN: Indian and Gujarat governments planning multi-billion dollars restoration and re-building plans. Gujarat will never be the same again but a better place.

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