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During recent heady days of continual scientific discoveries....mankind always feels and portrays itself as very near to being GOD...but here lies the test of being a true looking at some of creator brhmah's manifestation of some amazing documentation from Guinness World Record of creator brhmah-self...

Most Cold Resistant Animal

The woodland frog is the only animal able to survive after it's been frozen. These frogs live north of the Artic circle and survive for weeks in a frozen state. Glucose in their blood acts as a kind of antifreeze that concentrates on the frogs' vital organs, protecting them from damage while the rest of the body freezes solid. When ice forms on the frog's skin its heart may slow until it stops completely, making it appear dead. Although up to 65% of its body water can get frozen, its cells aren't. What freezes is the water outside the cells. Once the outside temperature rises the frog "comes back to life" as if nothing happened.

Animal With The Highest Frequency Hearing

Bats, with their ultrasonic echolocation, have the most acute hearing of any terrestrial animal. Most species use frequencies in the 20-80 kHz range, although some can hear frequencies as high as 120-250 kHz. Echolocation is a method of sensory perception by which bats orient themselves to their surroundings, detect obstacles, communicate with others, and find food. Bats send out sound waves using their mouth or nose and when the sound hits an object an echo comes back. The bat can then identify an object by the sound of the echo. In fact, the echolocation system is so accurate that bats can detect insects the size of gnats and objects as fine as a human hair.

Longest Distance Flown By A Bird
A common tern (Sterna hirundo) that was banded on June 30, 1996, in central Finland was recaptured, alive, 26,000 km (16,150 miles) away, at Rotamah Island, Victoria, Australia, at the end of January, 1997.

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