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Guinness Word Record challenges you to test yourself about how much you know about our creator brhmah.....these amazing creations are from creator brhmah as man still cannot produce them as cheaply as and as abundantly as creator brhmah does..

..and creator brhmah gives them free to mankind in the first instance...but mankind charges mankind for these items ????!!!!!!...LEARN VED TO FIND OUT WHY????? 


Largest Snowflake
It is reported that on Jan 28, 1887, at Fort Keogh, Montana, USA, ranch owner Matt Coleman measured a snowflake that was 38cm (15 in) wide and 8 in 20 cm thick, which he later described as being "larger than milk pans" in Monthly Weather Review magazine.

Snowflakes generally form in a hexagonal pattern, but only around 25 of them actually fit the perfect six-sided mould. A snowflake is formed because ice crystals gather on tiny dust or chemical substances floating in the air. The ice crystals then clump together to form snowflakes. If the air is humid, snowflakes grow rapidly and will tend to be bigger, whereas if the air is drier and cooler, the flakes tend to be smaller. 

A snowflake can take up to two hours to reach the ground and even the heaviest snowflakes fall at one mile per hour.

Hardest Element
Diamond, an allotrope of carbon (C), has a value of 10 on Mohs' scale of hardness. Diamonds have principally been mined in India, Brazil, South Africa, and Russia.

Most Ductile Element
One gram of gold can be drawn to 2.4 km, or  1 oz to 43 miles, making it the most dutcile of all the elements found on Earth. Gold has the chemical symbol Au, from the latin word for gold, aurum. It is a soft, gold-colored metal and an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. This element does not easily react chemically with other substances, and hence it does not tarnish with age. The fact that it retains its lustre is one of the reasons that it has been so highly valued and sought after in history.

Most Common Element
Hydrogen is the most common element in both the Universe and the Solar System. Over 90% of the Universe is comprised of hydrogen. Iron is the most common element on Earth, accounting for 36% of its mass.

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