TODAY'S aadhyaatmaa LESSON 19.. sustenance of living beings depends on all those believe it their only dharma is to give, give and give ......
Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on December 30, 2002


saarsvat-muni continues to reply: (slok 1.2.71):

"pruthvi-lok is sustained by these seven creations: 

  • cows, 

  • braahmano,

  • ved,

  • women who observe pati-vrat (meaning who are devoted to only one husband),

  • persons who live by dharma of satya ( meaning, always making a statement of actual truth after discriminating between dharma and adharma and also giving a correct statement without causing pain to others of what has been seen, heard, inferred and experienced by oneself.

  • persons who are not lobhi (greedy) and

  • persons who continually give daan. shaanti shaanti tat sat....

Prajaapati Vishva Aashram Foundation (PVAF) is blessed to continue today ....LEARNING ABOUT LIFE AND ITS SCIENCE....which in ved is called aadhyaatmaa - the science of aatmaa (soul)....aatmaa which empowers everything in this creation called universe, earth, humans, animals, plants, non-living beings, planets, solar systems, galaxies....they are all creations of creator brhmah ...who is the parmaatmaa or supreme aatmaa..the creator and empowerer of aatmaa and all creations....aadhyaatmaa is key to our daily co-existence with our fellow creations....either to co-exist for happiness or an individual choice based on free will granted by our creator brhmah....

Learing is also sharing your knowledge with others...PVAF welcomes your knowledge for can share your knowledge on aadhyaatma with the rest of the humankind for a peaceful and harmonious co-existence by posting on this web site by clicking on POST A COMMENT in the title of this item and write and share away as much as you want.....   

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satya is statement of actual truth after discriminating between dharma (natural laws on which entire co-existence and the sustenance to grow, preserve and prosper of living beings and all creations depend.) and adharma

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