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bhaart is the only current nation of the veDik lifestyle that has in the last 2000 years not invaded or tried to convert any other peoples of other lifestyles on this planet earth...but on the contrary shared its massive wealth with all current nations of Asia and Europe who invaded bhaarat in the last 2000 years so that there would be no destruction from is a current example of Tibetans who are buddhists and are fighting for their survival as a people from their base in bhaart.....

Please click on the next line to read about this DHaaARmik happening lead by Dalai Lama and Hollywood's world famous actor Richard Gere.....  

H.H. the Dalai Lama Speaks on
Event Honoring India
Source: Rajiv Malik, HPI Correspondent Delhi

NEW DELHI, INDIA, December 18, 2002: Hundreds of Tibetans and a large number of New Delhi's social elite gathered to attend the closing ceremony of the Tibetan Festival of Compassion.

The festival included the presentation of the Light of Truth Award to The People of India. The award has been instituted by the International Campaign for Tibet, whose chairman, Richard Gere, was also present at the function.

The award was presented to India for its continuing support of the Tibetans and was received on behalf of the People of India by Sri Rabi Ray, former speaker of Lok Sabha [lower house]. His Holiness the Dalai Lama delivered his keynote speech on the subject of "Compassion: An antidote to Terrorism."

In his address His Holiness said, "Compassion is a human emotion that is there in every human being since his birth. Compassion is a part of a human being. And it is compassion which gives a person a deeper satisfaction and is the basis of permanent happiness. Compassion is nothing special for Tibetans, it is a way of their life."

His Holiness continued, "Compassion is the essence of all religions despite there being philosophical differences in them. Compassion can transform the human mind and human emotions. Human beings all over the world today are interdependent and interconnected. We have to realize that our future depends on others. Human future depends on inter-relationships. You have to see everything from this point of view. Then you will perceive the complete picture of the humanity and of the world."

In his speech Richard Gere said that there was a very special relationship between India and Tibet.

Mr. Gere said, "It is because of India's support that the Tibetans have been able to rebuild their secular and monastic traditions even while living in exile. This has made Tibetan Buddhism available to people from around the world, like myself."

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