Posted by Prajapati News Reporter on February 4, 2001

Following is the first ever message to Prajapati Vishva Ashram dated Febrauray 3, 2001 from Hitesh P. Lad, son of Prabodhbhai Nathubhai Lad, Native Place:Panar, Gujarat on behalf of all Prajapatio in Mumbai, India.

"Hello, First let me congratulate you for this site. You are doing a wonderful job getting our people together.

As I was browsing through this web site, I noticed that there was no reference about our Credit Society - PRAJAPATI CREDIT SOCIETY. It is situated in MALAD, MUMAI(Bombay). It helps many of our Prajapatio in their financial needs by giving them loans. We also run a recurring deposit scheme through which Prajapatio can deposit a fixed amount monthly with the Prajapati Credit Society. This way one is disciplined to save money for a particular period and get intrest on it. I can give you full details if you want. There is also a society called PRAJAPATI MITRA MANDAL at BORIVALI, MUMBAI which helps our prajapati brothers to unite by organising various events like garba raas, plays, etc once a year.

Prajapati Mitra Mandal, Borivali, Mumbai also helps students living outside Mumbai to come and stay at its premises during their studies. There are lots of other activities happening at both these samaj which I would like our other Prajapatios to know.

So Mr. Bhavin Champaklal Mistry, I request you to post our info on your site for which I will be glad to give you all the information. With regards.

Hitesh P. Lad Son of Prabodhbhai Nathubhai Lad Native Place : Panar." PRAJAPATI VISHVA ASHRAM WELCOMES MUMBAI PRAJAPATIO TO PRAJAPATI VISHVA ASHARAM. Hitesh: please send in all the information about Mumbai organizations to PRAJAPATI NEWS or mail the information to Prajapati Vishva Ashram, 3103 89 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6K 2Z1.

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