daan to bRaaHmANo is very veDik....but current Andra Pradesh government in bhaart is being un-veDik.......prajaapati bRHmaa-dev is being insulted...
Posted by Vishva News Reporter on January 4, 2003

Andra Pradesh Privatizes Poor Temples
Source: Deccan Chronicle

HYDERABAD, INDIA, December 29, 2002: It was recently announced that the State government will be pulling out of low revenue earning or "loss-making" temples.

The priests of at least 24,000 temples which earn below Rs 25,000 each per annum must now search for ways to generate resources. Following the government's decision, these temples will not get the minimum allocations even for conducting daily rituals.

Official sources said the government's decision was a fall-out of the Endowments Department's unwillingness to bear the established expenditures for these temples after the government implemented pay scales for temple priests.

The Supreme Court had allowed the State government to take away endowment lands under the control of the priests and instead pay them salaries. "The minimum additional expenditure for the government on account of payment of salaries to priests in this category of temples would be around Rs 100,000,000 every month, while the existing grants for annual maintenance will be around Rs 250,000" a senior Endowments Department official said.

The State government was of the view that it would be better to lose control over these temples rather than pay the priests' salaries. In the new system, the Endowments Department will ask the temple priests to meet the expenditure out of the hundi collections and submit accounts annually. On the other hand, the government has been making efforts to take control of the profitable Shirdi Sai Baba temples and the Chilkur Balaji temple????!!!!!.

Please compare the above to PVAF aaDHyaatmaa Lessons 22 to 24 about the ordination of daan to bRaaHmANo by bRHmaa-dev himself.....well it is aDHrmik to go against the creation's grandfather himself.......repercussions could be serious especially in this kli-yug...

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#1 Posted by Ravi Kumar on 4/17/2003
Too much of Government involvement has already ruined temples and priest in Andhra Pradesh. It is high time people come out and oppose such legislation. The management of Chilkur Balaji temple should be left out. It is heartening to see no govt interference at Chilkur. People themselves could see their cherished God direct a-one-to-one contact.

#2 Posted by KIRAN on 12/4/2004
Om Govindhaya Namha,
Om Vashatkaaraya Namha.

Last week I visited Lard Chilkur Balaji Temple and i finished 11 rounds,now i am expecting my goal to come to reach soon.

#3 Posted by PREM on 8/2/2005
Its really sad that corrupt officials try to take control of the temples, will they dare to take control of the mosques ??
Not even a single politician dares to do so ?


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