Posted by Vishva News Reporter on February 3, 2001

Dholavira is a site of archeological dig in the middle of the quake disaster in Kutch. This dig has revealed a 5000 year old town site belonging to the Harapaan civilization. Harapaan civilization is the oldest known civilization which existed in the Indus valley of northern India and spread southerly as per knowledge to date.

The excavated parts of this 5000 year old town site of about 100 hactares has revealed existence of royal residences, houses, streets, elborate underground drainage system, cermonial grounds and even a swimming pool constructed some 5000 years ago. Amazingly, this Bhuj earthqauke did affect this excavated town site at all. Surprisingly, all the recently man-made buildings around the site were flattened. Even villgages about 2 kilometers from this site were also flattened. But nothing happened to the structures in the excavation.

How do we explain this miracle - if you want to call it a miracle. We would like to have comments on this from anyone. There must be some explanation from the study of this Harapan civilization which was a Vedic culture. Vedic culture is the roots of our Prajapati heritage of today.

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