Posted by Vishva News Reporter on February 2, 2001

The Government of India will raise from the entire population of India1300 crores rupees(130 billion rupees) that is estimated to be the cost of reconstruction. One of the first fund-raising initiative in this effort based on united contribution by all Indians proposed is a 2 percent surcharge on personal income tax on income over 60,000 rupees and also on all corporate taxes. The government of Gujarat estimates the reconstruction cost at 10,000 crore rupees which is 7 times the estimate by the Union government.

With persmission from relatives of the victims and as the hope of finding survivors in the debris has faded, the goverments have started to clear the debris. The reconstruction by Indain Urban Developement will commence as soon as the debris is cleared. 15 billion dollar budget has been put in place to enable the reconstruction to start.

The above compassion among all Indians has been generated by the tremendous magnitude of devastation of this Bhuj quake which so far has claimed 30,000 lives and the toll is expected to reach 100,000 as debris clearing is completed.

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