Posted by Vishva News Reporter on February 3, 2001

It has been observed that quake of the devastation at Bhuj could produce severe physio-psycho traumas in the survivors. The trauma could include fatigue syndrome, temporary paralysis in being normally functional in daily chores, sleepnessness, stomach acidity, body pains, respiratory diseases, proneness to heart attacks, numbness, etc.

The traumas are believed to be due to fear of sudden death without warning, continuing fear of impending death from aftershocks, grieving from the loss of many loved ones in a single occurrence, perceived loss of family support in the traditional Indian family system, perceived fear of "no future" due to total loss of property and possesions, etc.

Japan experienced these traumas and is still dealing with these traumas six years after the Kobe earthquake which produced devastation on scale similar to Bhuj quake. Japan has compassionately send to Gujarat earthqauke trauma experts to share their knowledge of experience with the Indian doctors and thus help in healing the Gujarat quake survivors.

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