Posted by Prajapati News Reporter on February 3, 2001

ANJAR in Kutch was a vibrant city of 90,000. On January 8, 2001, at 8.42 am 400 children were marching through its streets in the Republic Day parade. In a moment these children were buried under the falling debris from the collapsing building. Along with the children, over 5000 Anjarians were claimed by the quake on that fateful day.

Shree Amrit Prajapati has been looking for his 11 year old nephew in the debris of Anjar. Amritbhai, with a very sad heart, summed up the present day feelings of all survivors of Anjar. Amritbhai asked: "What will happen to this place? I fear our city is finished."

Our prayer for Amritbhai and all the survivors of Bhuj quake: May Bhagvan bestow on all suvivors His krupa to bear this adhibhautik and adhidaivik calamity and may He open another door to a better future, through His compassion and compassions of all the human beings on this planet earth. May Bhagvan give Shanti to all departed. OM SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI............

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