Posted by Vishva News Reporter on February 5, 2001 has reported that thousands of people will be participating in the Vedic ceremony on the 13th day of the Bhuj quake on February 7th 2001.

At this ceremony a yagna is performed by priests versed in ved teachings. At this yagna Vedic hymns from four veda are chanted while performing a havan to propiate all the 33 crore deva for the welfare of the survivors and also to offer shraddha to the the victims of the disaster. This form of Vedic cermony have been in practice by Vedic peoples since the start of this seventh manvantra Vedic people believe we exists in.

A manvantra is a Vedic time concept in which 71 maha yuga cycles occur. A maha yuga is a cycle of

Satya yuga of 1728000 years

Tetra yuga of 1296000 years

Devapara yuga of 864000years and

kali yuga 432000.

Thus each maha yguga lasts for a total of 4.32 million years. Presently we are in the 28th mahayuga of the present manvantra. We are also in the 5032nd year of the Kaliyuga of the present mahayuga. All the creation disolves back into Brahmaa who is one of the trinity of Brahmaa and Vishnu and Shiv at the end of a Bramaa day. A Brahma day which is of 4.32 billion years or thousand mahayuga. The creation starts all over again after staying dissolved in a Brahmaa night whcih is 4.32 billion years. Brahmaa dev does the creation, Visnu dev sustains the creation and Shiv dev dissolves all the creation back into Brahmaa dev.

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