Posted by Vishva News Reporter on February 28, 2003

Are women really from Venus?

Or is it just that men are from Mars? Is that why there is an ongoing inter galactic war between the sexes?

Are they equal, men and women? No sir, theyíre just different. Can you spot six differences between them? No, sweetie, we are not talking about the physical dissimilarities.

Letís look at the way they see things differently. Men and women have eyes in exactly the same place - right below their eyebrows on either side of the nose bridge.

Yet they view almost everything very differently. Why? The primary thing to remember is that men and women are programmed differently. Itís part genetic and part conditioning - the sexes think differently, feel differently, perceive differently. And each perception is viewed with suspicion by the other.

And again, not everybody of the same sex thinks alike. Individual differences pop up. This, apart from group differences, religious differences, national differences and racial differences!

So, we have people from Venus who donít think and feel like other people from Venus. And we have male Martians often rebuffing each other with or without good reasn. So where were we? Ah yes. Are men and women very different?

Yes they are. And thatís the very reason why they canít do without each other!

Care to dispute that fact?

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