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In veDik lifestyle, as can be read from puraaANo and itihaas which are part of veD texts....a woman had god ordained right to choose her life mate husband with the permission,  guidance, counseling and blessing of her father and mother...this right and the entire process thereby is called svyMvr a maiden can opt to choose her future husband in a some of the following ways:

  • the father of the maiden invites prospective men to the svyMvr assembly where the maiden can make a choice just by looking at the prospective husbands whose history and background she knows in advance...this is the magic of find your soul mate at the first sight.... or
  • the maiden can challenge man to a competition of intelligence or physical strength and who ever wins against her becomes her husband, a son of paaNdvo's bhim got her wife this way or
  • the father of the maiden can arrange a competition for prospective husbands and who ever wins the competition becomes her husband...this was the method used in case of sitaa-devi, who could lift and string the bow gifted by shiv-Dev to her father jnk-raajaa but no other human could do so and SRii raam won that contest...or in case of DRaoupaDi one who could shoot an overhead moving target of a fish with an arrow looking at the reflection of the moving target on the ground and aARjun, one of the paaNdvo brothers won that contest.    

Now in bhaarat (India), a version of svyMvr....we can call mutual svyMvr is becoming a practice through the base of Internet technology....and still the parents are heavily involved in guiding and counseling the to be married as it is in veDik lifestyle....the other veDik tradition of a boy asking for girl's hand is also still very much about this old age svyMvr veDik lifestyle coming alive by clicking on the next line.........

FROM HINDUISM TODAY.....MUMBAI, INDIA, February 14, 2003: 

Matches Made in Haven and Cyberspace Meet Face to Face has taken their site from cyberspace to a brick and mortar location by holding a swayamvara in the cities of Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata.

A swayamvara is a Hindu custom in which a girl chooses her own husband from an assembled group of prospects, though in this case the choosing is mutual.

Starting on February 14, young men and women who are registered with the website meet in a room sitting in separate rows of chairs facing each other. They can quickly bring up the profile on an accessible computer of someone they may wish to meet.

So far has made 50-60 matches and they hope to have brought at least 1,000 couples together during the next few days.

For more on the above please click the red highlite and read the story in HINUDSTAN TIMES  or click on the next line......

Dotcom’s marriage mela a hit
Sujata Anandan
Mumbai, February 14

HINUDSTAN TIMES is celebrating Valentine's day by holding a swayamvara.

Young men and women (who were registered with the website) were sitting in separate rows of chairs facing each other at the swayamvara on Friday. If they liked someone, they could read their profiles on the computers lined up.

This exercise, which will continue for 10 days, will move next to New Delhi, then Chennai, then Kolkata. Having "fixed" at least 50-60 matches every week so far, is hoping for at least 1000 by the end of the 10 days.

Parents were present too in large numbers on Friday at the swayamvara site, which was decorated with palm fronds.

A worried Gujarati with a denim-clad daughter said: "No Muslims or Christians, please. Others will do".

But though there have been some Muslim visitors to the website, none were present at the swayamvara on Friday. Their day is February 19. Vandana Asija, the manager of the show, said: "There is no orthodoxy here and people coming to this swayamvara are generally liberal and modern in their outlook. Still, we find Muslims will not be part of any cosmopolitan matchmaking and even within themselves a Shia does not want a Sunni or otherwise".

Happy over the success of the show, Asija said: "We have had 300 per cent more response for the swayamvara than we usually do on our website. There is more demand here for and from NRIs. Traditional Indian values along with a Western, modern outlook is at a premium".

"The metros are so far more responsive. Smaller towns have yet to realise we are offering a dignified way of choosing your mate," said Asija.


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