Posted by Vishva News Reporter on March 14, 2003

Here is a news flash on the hot spot at SRii raam's temple located in AYODHYAA...a hot spot which has proved deadlier to mankind that even the present Iraq situation.....

By Cathryn Conroy, Netscape News Editor:

Way down deep in the Earth in Ayodhya, India, there may be a lost temple--one that is so significant to the history and religious beliefs of the Hindu people that its disputed existence lies at the heart of India's tense and often violent Hindu-Muslim divide, reports Reuters. Indian archaeologists began digging there by hand on Wednesday, but first covered the site with tents in three places to maintain secrecy.

Find out why Ayodhya is India's religious flashpoint?

Some Hindus claim the temple was buried under a 16th-century mosque, which Hindu zealots razed in 1992. That triggered nationwide Hindu-Muslim riots in which 3,000 people died, notes Reuters. The disputed sites are next to the Babri mosque. Reuters explains that Hindu fundamentalists claim this mosque was constructed by Muslim Mughal invaders on top of the ruins of a Hindu temple that had been dedicated to the Hindu god-king Ram, who was born at least 5,000 years ago. The site is still revered by Hindus. Now Muslims want to build a new mosque there to replace the one that was destroyed in 1992.

An Indian high court ruled that before the mosque can be built, the Archaeological Survey of India has four weeks to excavate the area to search for the disputed lost Hindu temple. Muslims insist there is no ancient temple buried at that site. In addition to shovels, the Indian archaeologists will use radar to detect pillars and other objects deep in the ground.

This news item was forwarded by Kishor Mistry, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Kishorbhai is a IBM Certified Senior Project Manager who with his family is quite involved in pRjaapati samaj and also gujraati samaj.

(Note from PVAF volunteer Champaklaal Dajibhaai Mistry: The date of SRii raam's birth in the above news item is incorrect. According to sknD puraaAN, SRii raam was born in the beginning of tretaa-yug which means sometime about 2,165,014 years ago.)

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#1 Posted by Champaklal Dajibhai Mistry on 3/14/2003
In relation to SRii raam's birth about 2,165, 014 years ago, archeologits around the world the following facts of mankind existence:

1. In Italy footprints have been discovered in volcanic ash of Stone Age Man of 325,000 to 385,000 years ago.

2. In Tanzania foot imprints in mud of so called "pre-human species have been dated to be about 3.6 million years old.


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