Posted by Vishva News Reporter on February 9, 2001

JANURARY 26TH NIGHTMARE REVIVED: Thursday night Gujart experienced 10 tremors. One tremor at 10.30 pm was of 5.7 on Richter scale. 40 people were injured in Ahmdebad trying to flee their apartments. In some areas people panicked so much that they slept outside during the night in cold temperatures around 10 degrees C. Rajkot, Surendranagar, Chotia and Morbi experiened the most servere tremors.

BURIED TREASURE: The Indian army recovered 20 crore rupees (200 million rupeees) from the flattened State Bank of India building in Bhauchau.

,b>INSURANCE RELIEF: Insurance companies in Gujarat have received 8500 claims totalling 200 crore rupees (2 billion rupees) for damages to vehicles, houses, shops and household appliance due to the quake. 5 million rupees claims have already been paid out. Gujarat government has several risk covering schemes which would benefit quake sufferers. Tnese schemes cover 10 million people below poverty line at 10000 rupees each, 7.5 million labourers at 20000 rupees each and 5.2 million marginal farmers at 50000 rupees each.

BUILDING INDUSTRY IN AHMEDABAD ROCKED: simply because in the old Ahmdebad not a single building collapsed but in new Ahmedabad 60 buildings which are less than 5 years old collapsed. This anamoly is presently attributed to contractors ignoring bulding plans prepared by architects and engineers once the building permit is granted by the city.

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