gdt gaam IN gujaraat HAS A TEMPLE FOR nv-gRH (NINE PLANETS)
Posted by Ashram News Reporter on April 15, 2003

nv-gRH (nine planets) play an important role in every life journey of each jivaatmaa (aatmaa or soul with a body) in this eternal cycle of sNsaar (birth death cycle to recieve fruits on one's kARm) in this bRHmaaND (universe).. ...and this science of the effect of the nine planets is in jyotish-shaasTR (astrology, astronomy and mathematics) which is one of the six veDNg (limbs of veD) veD nine planets are:

  1. rvi            = sun,
  2. som           = moon,
  3. mNgl         = Mars,
  4. buDH        = Mercury,
  5. guru           = Jupiter,
  6. shukR        = Venus,
  7. shni           = Saturn,
  8. raaHu
  9. kaetu.

The above veDik planetary notion is quite different than the current astronomy which has surprisingly nine planets but sun is a star around which the nine planets revolve as has been observed by man.....and the nine planets are mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto...and astronomers have calculated that there is a tenth planet beyond Pluto.... (This was written up by SRii chmpklaal Daajibhaai misTRii of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada as part of sharing veD knowledge on this PVAF web site)

....PVAF WOULD LIKE TO HAVE YOUR COMMENTS REGARDING THIS  DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO SCIENCES...veD can never be false but then what one can see with one's eyes cannot be false your comment by clicking on POST A COMMENT in the header of this news item...

The belief of effects on veDik lifestyle and therefore the worship of planets in veDik lifestyle to alleviate the bad effects of planets has been as old as creation itself...gdt gaam in southern gujraat has built a temple dedicated to the nv-gRH (nine planets) which is a first one outside kaashi (Bnaars) in bhaart (India)...SRii Kushalbhai Mistry of gdt gaam and presently residing in UK as a member of pRjaapati community submitted to PVAF for posting an article in gujraati which was published in UK by a local newspaper gujraat miTR and gujraat DARpAN....about this nv-gRH mNdir in gdt gaam for sharing the news with all gujaraatio and veDik peoples in the world... please click on the next line to read this article......


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#1 Posted by Kamlesh Prajapati on 4/15/2003
hari Om,
Excellent Champakbhai you give the GAdat Mandir information on web. It is nice and very old Mandir of NAv -Grah in south gujarat . Very old and many people take visit during the every year.


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