Posted by Vishva News Reporter on February 9, 2001

The Rann of Kutch has had a number of quakes and two major quakes in last 180 years with the worst known one of January 26th 2001. Surprisingly archelogists have found 60 Harappan civilization sites in this area so far inlcuding Dholavira which is one of the five major Harappan sites in India. The other four are Mohanjodari & Harappa & Rakhighari and Ghanweriwala in Pakistan which was part of the same region of India before separation. Harappan civilization is the oldest known civilization in the world. Harappan was a highly developed civilization with Vedic roots and lifestyle as can be surmised from Puranas of the Vedic literature and the archeological excavations. Shree Krisha Bhagvan used to live in Dwarka in Saurashtra and used to travel to Ganga River area. That was only about 5032 years ago. Dholavira site town estimated to be 5000 years old which was highly developed even problably exceeding present age modernizaton and surprising did not even suffer a crack from the January 26th quake.

Why would Harappan people develop over 60 civilization centres in this Rann of Kutch which is a desert and a Zone 5 high risk earthquake area.

One of the historical convictions of peoples of Saurashtra is that the sacred Indu River used to flow through this area once upon a time and was diverted to present course nortt of this area by seismic activities. During this quake ground water has appeared in a number of places which makes people believe that the old Indu River will start flowing again through this desert area.

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