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Top 10 Reasons God Created
Eve = WOMAN For Adam = MAN


10. God worried that Adam = MAN would always be lost in the garden because men hate to ask for directions.
9. God knew that Adam would one day need someone to hand him the TV remote.
8. God knew that Adam would never buy a new fig leaf when his seat wore out and would therefore need Eve to get one for him.
7. God knew that Adam would never make a doctor's appointment for himself.
6. God knew that Adam would never remember which night was garbage night.
5. God knew that if the world was to be populated, men would never be able to handle childbearing.
4. As "Keeper of the Garden," Adam would never remember where he put his tools.
3. The scripture account of creation indicates Adam needed someone to blame his troubles on when God caught him hiding in the garden.
2. As the Bible says, "It is not good for man to be alone!"
1. When God finished the creation of Adam, He stepped back, scratched His head and said, "I can do better than that."

This PVAF web site and its ever-dedicated volunteers have been blessed for having the empowerment to tap into the knowledge base of the entire humankind existing on this planet earth...and the humankind is made up of a variety of tribes of the same species called mnu`SHy...the other two species of living beings are of animal kingdom and plant kingdom...the species of mnu`SHy (humankind) is made of the same basic 3 components as per veD = SCIENCE OF LIFE:

  1. aa`tmaa (soul),
  2. shriir (body) and
  3. s`tv (all organs that sense and processes information about other creations the body perceives).....

To continue to know what veD = SCIENCE OF LIFE tells us about creation of this humankind consisting of a eternally-bonded man and woman please click on the next line to be enlightened by the write-up from PVAF's veD compiler SRii chmpklaal Daajibhaai misTRii........



Each tribe of humankind has its own interpretive information of how humans and in particular starting with a man and a woman were created....and now current science of the humankind is in intense pursuit of this knowledge of creation and also how each creation's body functions....but all this information is called veD = SCIENCE OF LIFE....which unfortunately humankind has lost in this current time era called whatever science is being discovered is used for commercial gain to produce physical wealth rather than using the knowledge to understand oneself and one's relationship with one's creator who is called by 33 kror (330 million) names.....

The humankind is made up of a variety of tribes of the same species called mnu`SHy...the other two species of living beings are of animal kingdom and plant kingdom...the species of mnu`SHy (humankind) and animal life and plant life is made of the same basic 3 components as per veD = SCIENCE OF LIFE:

  1. aat'maa (soul),
  2. shriir (body) and
  3. st`v (all organs that sense and processes information about other creations the body perceives).....

Each of the above 3 components of a living being whether of human kind or animal kind or plant kind is described briefly below:

  1. An aat'maa (soul) is a reflection of creator bRH`m's chaeetniy in pRkruti and which is eternal. This aat'maa is necessary for creator bRHmH to experience His creations to satiate his original wish of creating  creations for the purpose of having company and experiencing that company through by being a bhok`t. But for aa`tmaa to experience the creation it needs a shriir or a body. aa`tmaa's connection with a shriir is called yog. This aat`maa-shariir yog provides the means for creator bRH`m to be a bhok`t as per His original wish. This aatmaa-shriir yog lets aat'maa to stay niARguAN and niARlip`t. niARguAN means without being affected by the 3-guANo of creator bRH`m's maayaa-shk`ti. niARlip`t means staying unattached with the shrir created by pRkruti for aat'maa's becoming  a bhok`t with the yog with shriir.
  2. sharir which is a living body of a pre-determined life span in which the aat'maa stays embodied in each life cylce of birth and death called sNsaar ...this living body is made out of pRkruti; and aa`tmaa possesses three types of shriir in being a bhok`t:

      s`thul-shriir which is the physical body of a living being which is visible to all creations. aa`tmaa has yog with the s`thul-shrir during the awake state of a living being. In this awake state aa`tmaa is called vaeesh`vnr.

    SECOND BODY:    liNg-shriir or shuKSH`m-shriir which is composed of 10 inNDRRiyo,  mns and buD`DHi and is invisible to living beings. In the dream state of a living being, aa`tmaa has yog with this liNg-shriir. In this dream state aa`tmaa is called taejs.

    THIRD BODY:  kaarAN-shriir is the yog of aatmaa with maayaa-shkti of creator bRH`m. With this yog condition a living being experiences the state of suSHup`ti (deep sleep). pRkruti, out which the entire creation is created, is made out of maayaa-shkti when its 3-guANo are unbalanced by the creator bRH`m's shkti called mahaa-kaal (Supreme Time) . The 3-guANo of maayaa are st`v-guAN, rjs-guAN and tms-guAN. All creations out of pRkruti thus has 3-guANo in varying strength giving the creation its inherent attributes of behavioral personality traits such as morality, ethics, goodness or evilness and varying strengths of sHj-s`vbhaav (inherent instincts) for food, procreation, fear and sleep.
  3. st`v is roughly defined as in the word "life force or chaaetn`yM (consciousness)" and is composed of all 33 kror (330 million) shktio (forces) of creator bRH`m which empowers a living being to perform all kRiyaa (functions) and kARm (actions) as a living being and as per its ordained design by creator bRH`m. The major forces of st`v consist of 10 iNDRRiyo (cognitive and conative sensory organs) and the controller of iNDRRiyo called aNtkrAN.

    10 iNDRRiyo consists of shk`tio  of 2 categories: 5 GNaanaeNDRRiyo (cognitive systems of a living body) and 5 kARmaeNDRRiyo (conative systems of a living body).

    5 GNaanaeNDRRiyo shk`tio are: 

            1.    SRoTR  = auditory system,
            2.    t`vk = touch sensing system,
            3.    chKSHu = ocular or vision system,
            4.    rsANM = systems of sensing taste and
            5.    ghRaaAN = system of sensing smell.

    5 kARmaeNDRRiyo shk`tio are:

            1.    vaach = system of speech of a living body,
            2.    paani = system which empowers a living being to perform functions such as holding or carrying other creations, manipulation of others creations to sub-create new forms and creations,
            3.    paaD = system of a living body which empower locomotion to a living being so that a living being can travel,
            4.    paayu = excretory system of a living body and
            5.    ups`th = procreation system of a living body. 

    These 10 iNDRRiyo empower a living body to perceive and interact with the rest of creations. And the information of this interaction is possessed  in aNtkrAN. aNtkrAN is composed of continually transforming 4 states which are called:

            1.    mns is a shk`ti which is the leading state of aNtkrAN and which process all information of interaction of a living  body with rest of the creations. 
            2.    buD`DHi is a shk`ti which further processes the information processed by mns. buDHDHi is a databank of all knowledge acquired in all life travels Processing by buD`DHi determines the capacity of the living being to apply the processed information as per the tenets, rules and regulations of DHARm to the needs of aat`maa to be a bhok`t. This is from where the reflections and rational thought process comes from in a living being. DHARm is a shk`ti which provides empowerment to lead one's life within a set of rules and regulations which provides harmonious co-existence of all creations in its path of endeavours to be created or to create, to sustain and to be re-created in sNsaar which is the name for repeated cycles of birth-death of a bodies acquired by aat`maa to continue being a bhok`t.

            3.   aHNkaar is the shk`ti which processes the  information processed through mns and buD`DHi is also again processed. aHNkaar is the shk`ti (force) in a living being which empowers a living being to use the processed information by mns and buD`DHi in making creative or destructive decisions.

            4.    chaetn is the shk`ti which gives a living being its personal awareness or consciousness which is the continuum of the chaeetn`yM of creator bRH`m. The chaetn or awareness in a living being is measured in 14 levels as categorized below:

                    Level zero chaetn:  is inanimate or when a living being is termed dead.
                    Level 1 to 4 chaetn is in plants - the higher the chaetn level the more interactive the plan life is with the environment and fellow creations.
                    Level 4 to 6 chaetn is in animals - higher the chaetn level the more functions the animal performs similar to humans.
                    Level 7 chaetn is a basic level in human beings.
                    Level 7 to 14 is chaetn is determined by increasing level of knowledge called  viGNaan and GNaan in a living being. viGNaan is derived from learning 14 viD`yaa. A viD`yaa is a science dealing with some definite aspects of creating, sustaining and re-creating the cycles of sNsaar.  The viGNaan of 14 viD`yaa enables a living being to understand how creation is created, how creation functions and how one can control the functioning of creations to one's wishes. GNaan is the knowledge of 4 veD which enables a living being to know creator bRH`m who creates all creations including viD`yaa and veD. When total viGNaan and GNaan is attained then a living being has a chaetn of level 14. Daevtaao who number 33 kror = 330 million and are functionary shk`tio of creator bRH`m which empowers all creations to function as per their ordained design. Daevtaao are known as Daevo (gods) and Daevio (goddesses), RUSHio and munio, siDDHo operate at around level 14 chaetn.   

    With the processed information of the interaction, aNtkrAN then acts as a connection which provides yog between aat`maa and the rest of the creations.  This processed information connection creates the yog between aat`maa and pRkruti. This aat`maa-pRkruti yog lets aat`maa to be bhok`t which means one who consumes, one who enjoys or endures what is consumed and one who experiences this consumption and enjoyment-endurance to satiate the original icchaa (wish) of bRH`m for creating the creation we live in ......   

(This write-up is compiled at PVAF from original 18 viD`yaa which is in veD = SCIENCES OF LIFE by veD eternal student SRii chmpklaal Daajibhaai misTRii of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.......with a pRANaam (obesience) and pRaathnaa (prayer) to creator bRH`m for permission for this presentation....this write-up compilation is offered to all as a pRshaaD of the daily puujaa performed along with the daily daev-yaGN every gruHs`th (a married man with a household) is required to perform to uphold one's s`vDHARm....this s`vDHARm requires one to daily learn and study veD = SCIENCES OF LIFE and also share the learned knowledge with one's fellow human beings....)


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