Posted by Vishva News Reporter on February 10, 2001

SOCIAL HELP NEEDED FOR ORPHANS: 8000 children have lost their parents in Gujarat quake. We pray that their relatives will adopt them as per the Vedic traditins of Gujarat rather than anybody from anywhere else. The adoption by their relatives will enable these children to preserve their roots, heritage, language and belief system without which they are liable to suffer addtional truama of life change on top of losing their parents. Materialistic wealthy life offerd somewhere else outside the community of a child to especially satifsy the modern hunger of childless wealthy couples does not mean a better life for the child. One day the adopted child will wake up and would go searching for his/her roots. Caseloads of instances have shown this to create massive truama all around which defeats the primary kindness in the first instance.

THIS EARTH QAUKES EVERY 2 MINUTES: calculated on the basis that 86,000 quakes occur every day on this planet earth.

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