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A street vendor with a cart was selling vegetables at the market and business was slow. He called to a woman who was passing by and tried to make her by some vegetables. She shook her head and told him she didn't have any money with her.

"No problem," the street vendor grinned. "You can pay me later." She still looked hesitant, so he offered her to taste anything she liked.

"Oh no, I can't, I'm fasting for the once a year holy fast of a month" she responded.

"Fasting? But this holy fast was 6 months ago!"

"Yes, well, I missed a day and I'm making it up now. But as I can pay later go ahead and give me a kilo of this vegetable."

"Forget it!" shouted the street vendor. "If it took you 6 months to pay back a debt you owed God, who knows when you'll get around to paying me!"

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To understand the process of creating dividends or debt by oneself in life please click on the next line to partake in the offering of veD = SCIENCES OF LIFE  by SRii chMpklaal Daajiibhaai misTRii who offers pRANaam to YOU all the fellow travelers of this sNsaar....

As per veD = SCIENCES OF every life cycle of this sNsaar ONE travels as an aat`maa in the form of bhok`t = enjoyer of creator bRH`m's iCHCHaa (wish) to be fulfilled with the aat'maa's body called bhuk`t = that which to be this bhok`t-bhuk`t travel  one incurs a massive amount of RUAN = debt....this RUAN is banked in the bank of called kARm-fal (rewards of kARm).....this kARm-fl bank has 3 types of accounts for drawing of the dividend or interest reward by YOU as an traveler aat`maa:

  1. aagm kARm-fl  = current account from which one can draw kARm-fl now;

  2. sNchit kARm-fl = short term deposit account from which one can draw kARm-fl   in this life or lives to come;

  3. pRrb`DH kARm-fl = long term fixed deposit account from which one can draw kARm-fl only when the draw is decided and allowed by the laws of kARm  and laws of DHARm which operates the creation called daeev`y or fate...  

creator bRH`m has set up this bank of kARm-fl  which cannot be wiped out through bankruptcy protection, discounts or any other schemes of forgiveness and corruptness ...and has only three rules:

  1. Every kARm one performs has a dividend or interest pay-back as its reward called kARm-fl..... a kARm-fl can be paap or puANy....if a kARm performed is based on DHARm then the reward is puAN`y which gives joy, happiness and prosperity.. by perfroming a kARm based on rules of DHARm means the kARm performed by thought, mind or deed should never hurt any creation in any way......if the kARm performed is not based on rules of  DHARm and is thus an aDHARmik kARm or paapi kARm which means it caused suffering and pain on other creations then the reward is paap which means one has to endure the same suffering and pain that one imposed on other creations through the aDHARmik kARm...

  2. One must receive one's kARm-fl which is interest or dividend of one's kARm.. one does not have a choice in deciding whether to receive or not receive one's kARm-fl has to endure the pain and suffering of the same effects of paapi kARm imposed on others as interest and dividend gets puAN`y in the form of joy, happiness through prosperity of one's DHARmik kARm which caused happiness and joy in other creations through help offered in eliminating their pain and suffering .....

  3. one will receive kARm-fl a per the time line to fit into the master plan of creator bRH`m in creating this universe in the first instance and then factored in by the travel plan of one's aat`maa in each life cylce in sNsaar......

(sRii chMpklaal recommends that YOU visit the other compilations of veD = SCIENCES OF LIFE posted on this web site in TODAY'S CALENDAR, TODAY'S veD LESSON, veD PAGE, sNskrut GLOSSARY & aaSRm News Page.....YOU will by this yaatraa (visit in the form of a pilgrimage) will be blessed with the knowledge of how to live your daily life based on DHARm and YOU will have a better and happier tomorrow with this knowledge to attain your wishes...) 


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